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December 29, 2007

pack openings, 2007 Goudey

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I grabbed these Thursday at Target during a flurry of post-Christmas clearance sale shopping. These weren’t on clearance but I needed to get something for myself after picking up too many discounted singing Elmos for my cousin’s 1st birthday gift.

Pack 1:
100 Zach Duke
117 Mike Cameron
118 Matt Holliday
260 David Wright

13 Barry Zito
97 Trevor Hoffman
127 Freddy Sanchez
151 Mark Loretta

Well, it fills holes in my set….

Pack 2:
10 Andy Pettitte
94 Tom Glavine
167 Francisco Liriano
191 Victor Martinez

27 Chipper Jones
62 Joe Mauer
150 Joe Crede
104 Ichiro

Wow, they made a Liriano card for this set. I hope he manages to stay off the DL in 2008, especially now that the Twins have discarded Silva and Garza. (I live in Minneapolis. Even when I say I don’t follow the Twins, I end up following the Twins.)

Please forgive me a Shallow Fangirl Moment here. My goodness, is Tom Glavine looking old, and awfully quickly, too. What happened?

As for Mr Suzuki we could probably start using his family name. Mac Suzuki’s been out of MLB for over five years and it’s not like anyone’s going to confuse Ichiro with Kurt, who plays for Oakland and is taller, heavier, ten years younger, and usually found wearing catching equipment.

Pack 3:
63 Johan Santana
174 Jack Wilson
198 Felipe Lopez

232 Derek Jeter
65 Johnny Damon
72 Lance Berkman
129 Andre Ethier
153 Troy Glaus

They could have put a bit more effort into the photo editing on the Jeter card, but oh well.



  1. Glavine looks old because he is old. All those years in New York dealing with the pressure up there didn’t help matters. Two short prints in 3 packs is one of the reasons why I love opening packs of Goudey :)

    Comment by dayf — January 2, 2008 @ 1:35 am

  2. Nah, it was more that he seemed to have aged a decade in a year or so since I watched the Mets in the playoffs. Then again, he probably did look as old as he is. I didn’t get cable TV until this October. My picture may have been slightly fuzzy.

    I’ve had good luck with short prints on the packs I opened and didn’t log, so I love them too :)

    Comment by morineko — January 3, 2008 @ 8:35 pm

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