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January 26, 2008


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No pictures (because I didn’t take any) and no scans because I’m sick sick sick and feeling too lazy to scan (how do I pick up con crud at a card show?) but I had fun, when I wasn’t waiting in line, climbing up lots and lots and lots of steps, and feeling like something was stabbing me in the nose. The clubhouse tour was interesting. The Twins clubhouse is v.v.v. tiny. The new stadium will have a bigger one. I hope the Twins get along well because that is more closeness to one’s coworkers than is really desired.

1991 Fleer factory set, $8
1990 Upper Deck factory set, $8
“grab bag” with 21 odd cards and 1/3 of a 1991 Donruss rack pack, $1
1979, 1982 and 1983 Twins postcard sets, $25
autographs of Dennys Reyes, Craig Monroe and Nick Punto, $10

Don’t ask me why I ended up in that autograph line, other than creative uses for 2007 Upper Deck doubles. Can anyone explain the fangirl appeal of Nick Punto? That entire line was filled with squeeing young ladies. IMO, they should have been squeeing over Craig Monroe…oh well. XD

January 21, 2008

not for the intended use

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I bought a mailbox. All the project ideas I’ve seen for it indicate it should be used with valentines. I’m going to put it on my desk at home and use it for postcards. Heck, it comes with 12 chipboard postcards. It wants to be filled with postcards. (Speaking of valentines, did anyone remember seeing baseball valentines back in the day? I recall receiving some, although I could be completely off here. I invariably gave out the cheap ones with the unlicensed designs. eBay is of no help but there are some lovely albeit expensive early 20th c. baseball-themed valentine postcards.)

I also bought a small metal tin that is also supposed to be decorated with paper. It’s just the right size to fit a small amount of toploaders. Yes, I’ll be storing baseball cards in it. Right now, there are three opened but unnoted packs in there. I will note further when I get some time; just thought people may be amused by the fact the mini flag insert in the Allen & Ginter pack shot out of the pack and onto the floor and nearly into the path of the oncoming dog. My dog likes paper about as much or more as she likes attacking unprotected feet. Don’t worry, I saved it in time.

January 19, 2008

packaging reuse tip

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Did you know that the old size of blaster boxes is just slightly bigger than the height and length of a mass-market paperback book? You can fit paperbacks inside of an empty blaster box and use it to ship books instead of envelopes!

Now, of course, I wish I hadn’t recycled about 8 blaster boxes instead of saving them to reuse as packaging for other items.

January 17, 2008

Journaling. Use it.

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There have been a lot of good posts in the baseball card blog community lately about the state of the hobby, what got us collecting in the first place, and what got us back into the hobby. (I don’t think it would be so far off the mark to say that most of us are men in our thirties who started collecting when we were between six and ten and we’re all feeling nostalgic now; substitute “man” for “woman” and you’ve got me exactly.) These posts got me thinking about why I stopped collecting in the first place, and it turned into a long rambling post about my relationship with my mother that’s a bit too raw and emotional for me to post right now. In short: Baseball was something for us to share, and once we really couldn’t, it wasn’t something I wanted to get involved with.

This then got me thinking about the other subject of this blog (the one I don’t talk about that much,) scrapbooking. There’s been this controversy in the hobby lately that shows the divide between two camps of scrapbookers: the collage art people (mostly young women) and the…well, let’s just say “moms with lots of pictures of their kids.” I’m halfway in between. As I’ve said before, I’m single and don’t have any children. I love the style of the personal art scrappers but so much of it ends up saying so little about the context of the photo. That’s also a problem with the family scrapbook. I discovered this inadvertently many years ago when looking through my mother’s scrapbooks from high school. There were lots and lots of pictures of people I didn’t know with only dates noted. Only until I asked her did I find out what the pictures were; she had gone on vacations with her best friend and their mutual mentor (their high school’s library director) and her parents. So much would have been lost if I hadn’t asked–and what if I had been unable to ask?

I’ve had to do extra research in planning for my journaling on layouts from pictures I’ve taken long ago. Thank goodness for the Internet, which allows me to look up the exact dates of the gaming convention I volunteered at in 1997 or the date and boxscore (thank you, Retrosheet) of the Brewers/Yankees game from which I have a half-completed scorecard and about 10 pictures of Alvaro Espinoza taking BP. It’s making putting things in context for some scrapbooks much, much easier.

Be as avant-garde or traditional as you’d like but for crying out loud, please include journaling or your descendants or your future girlfriend or whoever are not going to know what the heck your layout is about! (or even if that’s you in that layout. esp. if it’s just your eye or something.)

(as for the controversy, the problem with large groups of women–both sides need to stop violating Snacky’s Law, which is such, such an illustration of the traps and pitfalls of female socialization, but that’s an entirely different post and it’s way beyond the scope of a ballcard blog)

January 14, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage blaster break: box 6

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This is the final box opening of this set. Thanks for reading a list of cards with the nonsense I post about them for the past week or so.

13 Chien-Ming Wang
193 Chase Utley
PG-TN Pieces of Greatness Trot Nixon
BHP86 Matt Miller
BHP30 Gorkys Hernandez
204 Sean Henn
128 Willy Taveras
180 Alex Rios

I don’t associate Trot Nixon with greatness as much as I associate him with a tradition of Red Sox outfielders with somewhat silly nicknames. Dewey, Trot, and Coco…one of these things is not like the other thing.

169 Cole Hamels
57 Cliff Lee
245 Travis Buck (no sig)
235 Alex Gordon (rainbow)
BHP78 Brandon Hynick
BHP74 Matt Young
247 Brandon Morrow
52 J.J. Hardy

109 Curt Schilling
89 Conor Jackson
SG-SP Signs of Greatness Steven Pearce
211 Tony Abreu (rainbow)
BHP58 Jeremy Jeffress
BHP60 Joba Chamberlain
108 Rafael Furcal
4 Todd Helton

Curt Schilling, Bowman Heritage 2007 set
I was opening this box in front of my mother. She has joined the legions of my coworkers who keep asking me if I’ve pulled any Schilling cards yet. I swear I was about to start calling him Joe Shlabotnik (I’ve now reserved that for Craig Counsell, because he’s more of a Shlabotnik player type and I can’t pull his cards either.) So, I showed her the contents of the pack. Mom’s comments: “He looks fat and old.”
Me: “Because he is?”
Ah, the problems with early-season pictures. He looks much better now. Or I’m just still happy about the World Series and it’s making my vision fuzzy.

65 Dontrelle Willis
227 John Danks (no sig)
213 Gustavo Molina (rainbow)
BHP40 J.R. Towles
BHP68 Ryan Finan
checklist 3 of 3
246 Miguel Montero
203 Kory Casto
48 Freddy Garcia

45 Grady Sizemore
149 Freddy Sanchez
251 Joba Chamberlain
240 Philip Hughes (rainbow)
BHP90 Gabriel Sanchez
BHP76 Chris Salamida
76 Stephen Drew
172 Aubrey Huff

I don’t have anything coherent to say about all these Joba Chamberlain cards, so here’s a picture of Phil Hughes with a Yankee cap on his head:
Philip Hughes, Bowman Heritage 2007 set
Even a pancake couldn’t improve it (but a bunny might.)

181 Ichiro
205 Hector Gimenez (rainbow)
BHP98 Sam Fuld
BHP26 Mark Wagner
236 Micah Owings
213 Gustavo Molina
184 Tom Gorzelanny
28 Bobby Crosby

157 Jason Varitek
37 J.D. Drew
231 Jesus Flores (no sig)
229 Kei Igawa (rainbow)
BHP6 Zach McAllister
BHP70 Vasili Spanos
232 Dallas Braden
200 Barry Bonds

1 Jeff Francoeur
29 Javier Vazquez
246 Miguel Montero (rainbow)
BHP50 Luke Hochevar
BHP44 Chris Coghlan
checklist 2 of 3
214 Brian Stokes
32 Mike Sweeney
196 Nick Markakis

January 13, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage blaster break: box 5

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There’s one more exciting post in this. Although, after, I’m not sure if I have any more excitement on tap.

Pack 1:
90 David Wright
118 David Eckstein
SG-GM Signs of Greatness Garrett Mock
158 Ben Sheets (rainbow)
BHP35 Michael Saunders
BHP33 Scott Lewis
56 Moises Alou
24 Anibal Sanchez

David Eckstein reminds me of Draco Malfoy, except Malfoy would probably curse you if you called him “scrappy.”

Pack 2:
106 Felipe Lopez
74 Eric Chavez
193 Chase Utley (no signature parallel)
1 Jeff Francoeur (rainbow)
BHP53 Matthew Sweeney
BHP71 Patrick Reilly
207 Yunel Escobar
92 Bill Hall

Yay, I pulled our second baseman center fielder third baseman!

Pack 3:
150 Derek Jeter
110 Jose Reyes (rainbow)
BHP95 Juan Miranda
BHP1 Thomas Fairchild
checklist 1 of 3
205 Hector Gimenez
223 Chase Wright
16 Kelly Johnson
192 Gil Meche

Pack 4:
138 Dan Uggla
98 Dan Haren
183 Ian Kinsler (no signature parallel)
117 Ken Griffey Jr. (rainbow)
BHP55 Mike Carp
BHP3 Brett Campbell
219 Michael Bourn
3 Derrek Lee

Pack 5:
62 Chris Carpenter
42 Carlos Guillen
153 John Smoltz (rainbow)
BHP31 Joshua Rodriguez
BHP15 Greg Reynolds
238 Glen Perkins
123 Jason Schmidt
151 Orlando Hernandez

Pack 6:
38 C.C. Sabathia
86 Bengie Molina
PG-RH Pieces of Greatness Rich Harden
BHP21 Reegie Corona
BHP89 Michael McDonald
checklist 2 of 3
216 Curtis Thigpen
91 Ryan Garko
191 Kenji Johjima

This time, it’s a jersey card. I’d have been really amused if it was a bat card. It’s a great idea! Game-used bats of AL relief pitchers! For the ultimate in team futility.

Pack 7:
54 Bartolo Colon
130 Barry Zito
157 Jason Varitek (rainbow)
BHP57 Emerson Frostad
BHP41 Joe Ness
231 Jesus Flores
47 Mark Teixeira
71 Gary Matthews

Who’s cuter, Mark Teixeira or Barry Zito? I won’t answer that. The proper question is “who would you rather have on your team” and the answer is of course Teixeira. Here’s to many, many exciting plays for him in Atlanta this year.

Pack 8:
158 Ben Sheets
229 Kei Igawa (no signature parallel)
126 Travis Hafner (rainbow)
BHP11 Tommy Hanson
BHP87 Devin Ivany
242 Josh Hamilton
155 Jimmy Rollins
23 Carlos Delgado

I noticed that I haven’t squeed in glee on getting Sheets cards in packs. I’ve seen more of Ben Sheets in these packs than I’ve seen him on the mound in 2007.

January 12, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage blaster break: box 4

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Only two more posts to go in this series. Whew. I went out today to go to an actual card shop. I needed super-thick toploaders for all the relic cards I’ve been getting in this set. I could have bought a box of Bowman Heritage to finish up my set for $56, but I really need the money for that for the Boston trip. (My friends have expensive tastes in restaurants, and $56 for one dinner is probably going to happen.) On the way out of the card shop, I slipped on the slippery sidewalk, damaged my jeans and my knee, and wrecked my night. So now I’m home instead of grocery shopping and blogging this.

Pack 1:
178 Jose Vidro
110 Jose Reyes
PG-MR2 Pieces of Greatness Manny Ramirez
BHP100 Fernando Martinez
BHP8 Anthony Hatch
234 Ryan Braun
35 Alfonso Soriano
107 Erik Bedard

Another Ryan Braun? ;) Along with a bit of Manny Ramirez’s bat, which will be put into a proper toploader when my knee stops hurting and I can get the 2007 card box down.

Pack 2:
142 Johnny Estrada
166 Joe Crede
215 Kevin Slowey (rainbow)
BHP18 Cody Strait
BHP16 Jonathan van Every
212 Billy Butler
159 Matt Cain

To quote a friend: “Slowey? Is that a nickname or something?” Another (ex-)Brewer in this one, except it’s the useless waste of space of a catcher.

Pack 3:
66 Jim Thome
10 Jermaine Dye
188 Roy Halladay (no signature parallel)
225 Matt Chico (rainbow)
BHP24 Leo Daigle
BHP84 Jarrett Hoffpauir
239 Danny Putnam
195 John Lackey

I have the strong feeling that John Lackey will never play for the Red Sox.

Pack 4:
194 Jeremy Sowers
2 Jered Weaver
203 Kory Casto (rainbow)
BHP50 Luke Hochevar
BHP44 Chris Coghlan
209 Tyler Clippard
43 Jeff Francis
51 Tom Glavine

That Glavine card is just a mess. Was the background trying to tell us something?

Pack 5:
46 Jason Jennings
159 Matt Cain (rainbow)
BHP6 Zach McAllister
BHP70 Vasili Spanos
226 Hunter Pence
241 Ryan Sweeney
167 Chipper Jones
99 Robinson Cano

Pack 6:
170 Jason Bay
78 James Shields
246 Miguel Montero (no signature parallel)
95 Joe Mauer (rainbow)
BHP98 Sam Fuld
BHP26 Mark Wagner
31 Rich Hill
135 Rocco Baldelli

Pack 7:
182 Jake Peavy
6 Ivan Rodriguez
171 Jhonny Peralta (rainbow)
BHP90 Gabriel Sanchez
BHP76 Chris Salamida
217 Carlos Gomez
127 John Maine
67 Aaron Rowand

More comments from work on ballplayers (slightly edited): “Aaron Rowand. Sounds like a name from a C-grade fantasy novel.” So now whenever he’s mentioned, he’s “Aaron Rowand, Timejumper!!!!!” I only wish I had coined the latter.

Pack 8:
106 Felipe Lopez
74 Eric Chavez
251 Joba Chamberlain
68 Andy Pettitte (rainbow)
BHP40 J.R. Towles
BHP65 Ryan Finan
checklist 2 of 3
230 Felix Pie
171 Jhonny Peralta

Surprise! There’s a card 251 in this set! (I know, not so much of a surprise now that everybody knows about it.) So Chamberlain is not only a prospect, but an actual honest-to-goodness rookie. Good to know.

January 11, 2008

generic what’s up post

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Thank you to everyone who’s been linking to the blog. Despite my current about page, this blog did turn out to be about 75% baseball cards and 25% Postcrossing. I haven’t received any new postcards this week as my sent has finally caught up to my received. February should be a bit more active on the Postcrossing front. As for the baseball cards, I’ve been saving up for the 2008 releases and am trying to finish up all the 2007 posts. I’ve also been thinking about starting to trade as I would really like to complete some of the sets I have as well as get rid of a lot of these doubles. The next project is taking an inventory of my pre-2007 collection. I’ll be catching up to comments tonight and this weekend as well as putting some backlogged posts up.

I also realized that I didn’t put an email address up. I’ve edited my about page to put it in, but for those of you reading this the address is treecat (at) faerielands.com.

My username “morineko” was chosen because it’s my username at BookMooch and I originally got this account to comment on the official BookMooch blog. My real name is Nicole, as indicated on my BookMooch and PaperBackSwap profiles. (and, for future card trades, you can see that I have good feedback on BookMooch swaps. I also used to do postcard tag round robins on Postcrossing forums until international postage went up to 90 cents.)

As for future paper-related events, this weekend I’ll be going to my APA collation (Stipple-apa, the APA that’s been running about as long as I have–and there’s a member who IIRC hasn’t missed a single issue since launch.) Next weekend is the St. Croix Valley PaperBackSwap meetup, where we’ll get together, drink massive amounts of coffee, and swap books. The weekend after that is TwinsFest, which I have not attended since probably 1991 or 1992. I’ll have to see how things have changed. Apparently they still have the v.v. large card show. I wonder how long the autograph lines are now. The longest line I waited in back then was a half-hour or so line for Bert Blyleven’s autograph. I think I was a bit more patient when I was fourteen, though.

I’ll also be (probably) out of communication from February 13-19. I’ll be in Boston for Boskone and buying every postcard offered at the art show print shop, as is usual for me at sf cons.

January 10, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage blaster break: box 3

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I know this is three days late. I was celebrating (ha) my 30th birthday (no cards received) and a bit stressed from dealing with a rather foul eBay transaction that was no fault of the guy I was buying the thingie from. Paypal, you suck and you fail. Onto the cards!

Pack 1:
102 Aaron Harang
25 Vladimir Guerrero
145 Mike Piazza (rainbow)
BHP17 Eddie Degerman
BHP65 Vic Buttler
checklist 1 of 3
218 Rick Vanden Hurk
7 Mickey Mantle
131 Prince Fielder

OK, one Brewer.

Pack 2:
173 Xavier Nady
197 Tim Hudson
234 Ryan Braun (no signature parallel)
5 Shawn Hill (rainbow)
BHP99 Cooper Brannan
BHP29 Daniel Mayora
111 Adam LaRoche
27 Lance Berkman

Even more OK, another Brewer.

Pack 3:
5 Shawn Hill
189 Ryan Zimmerman
105 Pedro Martinez (rainbow)
BHP23 Chance Douglass
BHP75 Brian Bocock
250 Daisuke Matsuzaka
87 David DeJesus
120 Jorge Posada

Ah, Dice-K, my mother’s favorite player.

Pack 4:
125 Roy Oswalt
77 Ronnie Belliard
86 Bengie Molina (rainbow)
BHP93 Ryan Adams
BHP5 Kala Ka’aihue
201 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
160 Carl Crawford
88 Adam Wainwright

Pack 5:
61 Rickie Weeks
165 Rich Harden
248 Troy Tulowitzki (no signature parallel)
38 C.C. Sabathia (rainbow)
BHP49 Andrew Fie
BHP13 John Otness
checklist 2 of 3
234 Ryan Braun
124 Josh Willingham

Wow, more Brewers! And I get two Ryan Brauns in this box! …and Troy Tulowitzki. Still fields better than Braun, but is he Rookie of the Year? No! And that’s good! [/homer]

Pack 6:
9 Randy Johnson
105 Pedro Martinez
PG-AE Pieces of Greatness Andre Ethier
BHP27 Chuck Lofgren
BHP97 Shane Benson
212 Billy Butler
140 Carlos Beltran
156 A.J. Burnett

Pack 7:
81 Orlando Cabrera
17 Nick Johnson
85 Carlos Zambrano (rainbow)
BHP53 Matthew Sweeney
BHP71 Patrick Reilly
239 Danny Putnam
44 Orlando Hudson
144 Carlos Lee

Pack 8:
145 Mike Piazza
241 Ryan Sweeney (no signature parallel)
58 Michael Cuddyer (rainbow)
BHP95 Juan Miranda
BHP1 Thomas Fairchild
209 Tyler Clippard
84 Reggie Sanders
20 Miguel Tejada

January 6, 2008

2007 Goudey blaster break

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I had to go all the way to western Wisconsin for this blaster. I had actually went to River Falls to get some postcards and stopped in at Shopko on the way home, where I found this. I also picked up a minor haul of scrapbooking paper, but I’m not scanning that either.

Pack 1:
72 Lance Berkman
35 Derrek Lee
180 Moises Alou
116 Edwin Encarnacion

33 Billy Wagner
5 Adrian Beltre
170 Johnny Estrada
194 Jason Isringhausen

Pack 2:
93 Todd Helton
65 Johnny Damon
156 Scott Podsednik
229 Daisuke Matsuzaka

54 Jason Varitek
40 Garret Anderson
122 Kenji Johjima
146 Huston Street

Pack 3:
18 Brian Giles
4 Adam Dunn
174 Jack Wilson
227 Ichiro

9 Andruw Jones
93 Todd Helton
118 Matt Holliday
142 Scott Kazmir

Scott Kazmir, 2007 Goudey set
I finally got the card that I had been commenting upon earlier. It’s even more interesting than I thought it would be, for certain values of interesting.

Pack 4:
83 Pedro Martinez
172 Rickie Weeks
196 Juan Pierre
267 Ichiro

22 Carlos Delgado
26 Chad Tracy
114 Frank Thomas
138 Gary Matthews

Pack 5:
77 Mark Teixeira
84 Prince Fielder
106 Jered Weaver
130 Matt Cain

99 Vladimir Guerrero
50 Jake Westbrook
153 Troy Glaus
177 Nick Johnson

Pack 6:
14 Bartolo Colon
23 Carlos Lee
165 Carl Crawford
219 Rod Carew

4 Adam Dunn
88 Robinson Cano
108 Ryan Freel
132 Ramon Hernandez

Pack 7:
49 Jake Peavy
63 Johan Santana
188 Aaron Harang
141 Alex Gordon

96 Travis Hafner
18 Brian Giles
172 Rickie Weeks
196 Juan Pierre

Pack 8:
56 Jeff Francoeur
140 Josh Barfield
164 Willy Taveras
279 Mike Schmidt

89 Roy Halladay
12 B.J. Upton
130 Matt Cain
106 Jered Weaver

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