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January 5, 2008

2007 Topps Turkey Red blaster break

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I’m taking a break from the Bowman Heritage posts over the weekend. They’ll be back on Monday.

I picked this box up earlier this week at the same time I was hitting the Target 75% off Christmas sale. I am not going to post pictures of the gold tinsel tree I also bought.

pack 1:
17 Stephen Drew
75 Tyler Clippard
81 Juan Pierre
127 Ryan Zimmerman
130 David Ortiz
127 Ryan Zimmerman (chrome 0728/1999)
79 Curtis Granderson
26 Frank Thomas

pack 2:
180 Miguel Cabrera
90 Justin Morneau
2 Dontrelle Willis
36 Tadahito Iguchi
TRP35 John F. Kennedy
156 Travis Hafner
86 David DeJesus
145 Jim Thome

pack 3:
119 Hideki Okajima
4 John Maine
173 Roger Clemens
77 Mickey Mantle
185 Vladimir Guerrero
38 Tim Hudson
48 Prince Albert checklist
16 Stand Up Double checklist

pack 4:
140 Alfonso Soriano
155 Alex Rios
93 Carlos Gomez
169 Justin Verlander
163 Troy Tulowitzki
64 Miguel Tejada
27 Roy Halladay
37 Edgar Renteria

Justin Verlander, 2007 Topps Turkey Red set
This painting of Verlander is where logic and proportion have fallen softly dead. Actually, more hardly than softly.

pack 5:
172 Kelvin Jimenez
25 Albert Pujols
68 Chien-Ming Wang
120 Manny Ramirez
136 Jason Marquis
164 Jorge Posada
131 Jose…Jose, Jose, Jose! checklist
50 Jason Giambi

pack 6:
55 Josh Hamilton
32 Andruw Jones
9 Josh Beckett
98 Doug Slaten
84 Dan Uggla
8 Serving Up Strikes checklist
153 Adam LaRoche
138 Shawn Green

pack 7:
61 Carlos Delgado
85 Danny Putnam
125 Michael Young
60 Mariano Rivera
107 Mickey Mantle
78 Curt Schilling
65 Mike Cameron
67 Chase Wright

The problem with having Curt Schilling as one’s favorite player is that building a player collection is really close to impossible. The problem with having Craig Counsell as one’s second-favorite player is that the card companies have stopped putting him on cards. I can’t win. At least I managed to pull a Schilling card in a pack, which rarely happens.

pack 8:
96 Derrek Lee
175 Lance Berkman
105 Phil Hughes
144 Jermaine Dye
5 Cole Hamels
178 Magglio Ordonez
109 The Captain checklist
118 Hideki Matsui


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