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January 12, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage blaster break: box 4

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Only two more posts to go in this series. Whew. I went out today to go to an actual card shop. I needed super-thick toploaders for all the relic cards I’ve been getting in this set. I could have bought a box of Bowman Heritage to finish up my set for $56, but I really need the money for that for the Boston trip. (My friends have expensive tastes in restaurants, and $56 for one dinner is probably going to happen.) On the way out of the card shop, I slipped on the slippery sidewalk, damaged my jeans and my knee, and wrecked my night. So now I’m home instead of grocery shopping and blogging this.

Pack 1:
178 Jose Vidro
110 Jose Reyes
PG-MR2 Pieces of Greatness Manny Ramirez
BHP100 Fernando Martinez
BHP8 Anthony Hatch
234 Ryan Braun
35 Alfonso Soriano
107 Erik Bedard

Another Ryan Braun? ;) Along with a bit of Manny Ramirez’s bat, which will be put into a proper toploader when my knee stops hurting and I can get the 2007 card box down.

Pack 2:
142 Johnny Estrada
166 Joe Crede
215 Kevin Slowey (rainbow)
BHP18 Cody Strait
BHP16 Jonathan van Every
212 Billy Butler
159 Matt Cain

To quote a friend: “Slowey? Is that a nickname or something?” Another (ex-)Brewer in this one, except it’s the useless waste of space of a catcher.

Pack 3:
66 Jim Thome
10 Jermaine Dye
188 Roy Halladay (no signature parallel)
225 Matt Chico (rainbow)
BHP24 Leo Daigle
BHP84 Jarrett Hoffpauir
239 Danny Putnam
195 John Lackey

I have the strong feeling that John Lackey will never play for the Red Sox.

Pack 4:
194 Jeremy Sowers
2 Jered Weaver
203 Kory Casto (rainbow)
BHP50 Luke Hochevar
BHP44 Chris Coghlan
209 Tyler Clippard
43 Jeff Francis
51 Tom Glavine

That Glavine card is just a mess. Was the background trying to tell us something?

Pack 5:
46 Jason Jennings
159 Matt Cain (rainbow)
BHP6 Zach McAllister
BHP70 Vasili Spanos
226 Hunter Pence
241 Ryan Sweeney
167 Chipper Jones
99 Robinson Cano

Pack 6:
170 Jason Bay
78 James Shields
246 Miguel Montero (no signature parallel)
95 Joe Mauer (rainbow)
BHP98 Sam Fuld
BHP26 Mark Wagner
31 Rich Hill
135 Rocco Baldelli

Pack 7:
182 Jake Peavy
6 Ivan Rodriguez
171 Jhonny Peralta (rainbow)
BHP90 Gabriel Sanchez
BHP76 Chris Salamida
217 Carlos Gomez
127 John Maine
67 Aaron Rowand

More comments from work on ballplayers (slightly edited): “Aaron Rowand. Sounds like a name from a C-grade fantasy novel.” So now whenever he’s mentioned, he’s “Aaron Rowand, Timejumper!!!!!” I only wish I had coined the latter.

Pack 8:
106 Felipe Lopez
74 Eric Chavez
251 Joba Chamberlain
68 Andy Pettitte (rainbow)
BHP40 J.R. Towles
BHP65 Ryan Finan
checklist 2 of 3
230 Felix Pie
171 Jhonny Peralta

Surprise! There’s a card 251 in this set! (I know, not so much of a surprise now that everybody knows about it.) So Chamberlain is not only a prospect, but an actual honest-to-goodness rookie. Good to know.


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