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January 13, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage blaster break: box 5

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There’s one more exciting post in this. Although, after, I’m not sure if I have any more excitement on tap.

Pack 1:
90 David Wright
118 David Eckstein
SG-GM Signs of Greatness Garrett Mock
158 Ben Sheets (rainbow)
BHP35 Michael Saunders
BHP33 Scott Lewis
56 Moises Alou
24 Anibal Sanchez

David Eckstein reminds me of Draco Malfoy, except Malfoy would probably curse you if you called him “scrappy.”

Pack 2:
106 Felipe Lopez
74 Eric Chavez
193 Chase Utley (no signature parallel)
1 Jeff Francoeur (rainbow)
BHP53 Matthew Sweeney
BHP71 Patrick Reilly
207 Yunel Escobar
92 Bill Hall

Yay, I pulled our second baseman center fielder third baseman!

Pack 3:
150 Derek Jeter
110 Jose Reyes (rainbow)
BHP95 Juan Miranda
BHP1 Thomas Fairchild
checklist 1 of 3
205 Hector Gimenez
223 Chase Wright
16 Kelly Johnson
192 Gil Meche

Pack 4:
138 Dan Uggla
98 Dan Haren
183 Ian Kinsler (no signature parallel)
117 Ken Griffey Jr. (rainbow)
BHP55 Mike Carp
BHP3 Brett Campbell
219 Michael Bourn
3 Derrek Lee

Pack 5:
62 Chris Carpenter
42 Carlos Guillen
153 John Smoltz (rainbow)
BHP31 Joshua Rodriguez
BHP15 Greg Reynolds
238 Glen Perkins
123 Jason Schmidt
151 Orlando Hernandez

Pack 6:
38 C.C. Sabathia
86 Bengie Molina
PG-RH Pieces of Greatness Rich Harden
BHP21 Reegie Corona
BHP89 Michael McDonald
checklist 2 of 3
216 Curtis Thigpen
91 Ryan Garko
191 Kenji Johjima

This time, it’s a jersey card. I’d have been really amused if it was a bat card. It’s a great idea! Game-used bats of AL relief pitchers! For the ultimate in team futility.

Pack 7:
54 Bartolo Colon
130 Barry Zito
157 Jason Varitek (rainbow)
BHP57 Emerson Frostad
BHP41 Joe Ness
231 Jesus Flores
47 Mark Teixeira
71 Gary Matthews

Who’s cuter, Mark Teixeira or Barry Zito? I won’t answer that. The proper question is “who would you rather have on your team” and the answer is of course Teixeira. Here’s to many, many exciting plays for him in Atlanta this year.

Pack 8:
158 Ben Sheets
229 Kei Igawa (no signature parallel)
126 Travis Hafner (rainbow)
BHP11 Tommy Hanson
BHP87 Devin Ivany
242 Josh Hamilton
155 Jimmy Rollins
23 Carlos Delgado

I noticed that I haven’t squeed in glee on getting Sheets cards in packs. I’ve seen more of Ben Sheets in these packs than I’ve seen him on the mound in 2007.



  1. I would take Big Tex over Zito too.

    Bat cards of pitchers. That just ticks me off. I have pulled a couple of NL pitchers bat cards and it is worse than kissing your sister.

    By the way, I am enjoying your comments.

    Comment by Joey — January 14, 2008 @ 11:03 pm

  2. NL pitcher bat cards. I admit I was really amused by going through all my 1990-94 Upper Deck and noticing how many pictures of pitchers hitting were used. (really, it’s great having Curt Schilling and his .151 lifetime batting average memorialised in a card where he’s trying to lay down a bunt, thank you ’93 UD)

    Comment by morineko — January 14, 2008 @ 11:33 pm

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