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January 5, 2008

Postcrossing Cards Received, 2008-01-03

I picked up three cards on Thursday. (No cards today.)

Card 1, IN-2858, from user smohan_raj in India.

Card 2, CN-8533, from user Judy1991 in China.

Card 3, NL-64325, from user Lilagirl in the Netherlands.

Postcrossing Cards Received 2007-12-27

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I didn’t get around to scanning these until today. Here’s card IT-9935, received from user MrZep in Italy.


2007 Topps Turkey Red blaster break

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I’m taking a break from the Bowman Heritage posts over the weekend. They’ll be back on Monday.

I picked this box up earlier this week at the same time I was hitting the Target 75% off Christmas sale. I am not going to post pictures of the gold tinsel tree I also bought.

pack 1:
17 Stephen Drew
75 Tyler Clippard
81 Juan Pierre
127 Ryan Zimmerman
130 David Ortiz
127 Ryan Zimmerman (chrome 0728/1999)
79 Curtis Granderson
26 Frank Thomas

pack 2:
180 Miguel Cabrera
90 Justin Morneau
2 Dontrelle Willis
36 Tadahito Iguchi
TRP35 John F. Kennedy
156 Travis Hafner
86 David DeJesus
145 Jim Thome

pack 3:
119 Hideki Okajima
4 John Maine
173 Roger Clemens
77 Mickey Mantle
185 Vladimir Guerrero
38 Tim Hudson
48 Prince Albert checklist
16 Stand Up Double checklist

pack 4:
140 Alfonso Soriano
155 Alex Rios
93 Carlos Gomez
169 Justin Verlander
163 Troy Tulowitzki
64 Miguel Tejada
27 Roy Halladay
37 Edgar Renteria

Justin Verlander, 2007 Topps Turkey Red set
This painting of Verlander is where logic and proportion have fallen softly dead. Actually, more hardly than softly.

pack 5:
172 Kelvin Jimenez
25 Albert Pujols
68 Chien-Ming Wang
120 Manny Ramirez
136 Jason Marquis
164 Jorge Posada
131 Joseā€¦Jose, Jose, Jose! checklist
50 Jason Giambi

pack 6:
55 Josh Hamilton
32 Andruw Jones
9 Josh Beckett
98 Doug Slaten
84 Dan Uggla
8 Serving Up Strikes checklist
153 Adam LaRoche
138 Shawn Green

pack 7:
61 Carlos Delgado
85 Danny Putnam
125 Michael Young
60 Mariano Rivera
107 Mickey Mantle
78 Curt Schilling
65 Mike Cameron
67 Chase Wright

The problem with having Curt Schilling as one’s favorite player is that building a player collection is really close to impossible. The problem with having Craig Counsell as one’s second-favorite player is that the card companies have stopped putting him on cards. I can’t win. At least I managed to pull a Schilling card in a pack, which rarely happens.

pack 8:
96 Derrek Lee
175 Lance Berkman
105 Phil Hughes
144 Jermaine Dye
5 Cole Hamels
178 Magglio Ordonez
109 The Captain checklist
118 Hideki Matsui

January 4, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage blaster break: box 2

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More Excitement! Adventure! and Card Scans! from this box, which I bought a few days after the last one.

Pack 1:
42 Carlos Guillen
98 Dan Haren
96 Hanley Ramirez
BHP68 Ryan Finan
BHP58 Jeremy Jeffress
205 Hector Gimenez
56 Moises Alou
24 Anibal Sanchez

Finally, a prospect I had heard of, although unfortunately it’s for his tastes in illegal recreational substances.

Pack 2:
62 Chris Carpenter
126 Travis Hafner
3 of 5 Mickey Mantle
164 Chris Duncan (rainbow)
BHP60 Joba Chamberlain
BHP78 Brandon Hynick
223 Chase Wright
3 Derrek Lee

How is Chamberlain still a prospect? Sure, he only pitched 21 major-league innings in the regular season but he was on the playoff roster. Anyway.

Pack 3:
134 Troy Glaus
116 Ervin Santana (rainbow)
BHP74 Matt Young
BHP86 Matt Miller
checklist 3 of 3
219 Michael Bourn
238 Glen Perkins
123 Jason Schmidt
151 Orlando Hernandez

Pack 4:
162 Tadahito Iguchi
154 Scott Rolen
SG-JW Signs of Greatness Johnny Whittleman
12 Hank Blalock (rainbow)
BHP30 Gorkys Hernandez
BHP82 Nick van Stratten
91 Ryan Garko
191 Kenji Johjima

Yay, bad handwriting of minor leaguers an autograph card!

Pack 5:
186 Scott Kazmir
22 Sammy Sosa
186 Scott Kazmir (no signature parallel)
20 Miguel Tejada (rainbow)
BHP62 Aaron Cunningham
BHP2 Peter Bourjos
216 Curtis Thigpen
155 Jimmy Rollins

Pulled one of those neat effect backgrounds (the Liberty Bell on the Rollins) and two Scott Kazmir cards. Can’t complain.

Pack 6:
26 Russell Martin
70 Roger Clemens
64 Victor Martinez (rainbow)
BHP14 Derin McMains
BHP42 Michael Martinez
242 Josh Hamilton
23 Carlos Delgado
47 Mark Teixeira

I think enough has been blogged about the picture on that Josh Hamilton card that I really had no need to scan it in again. It’s still hilarious.

Pack 7:
34 Noah Lowry
14 Mike Lowell
PG-JM Pieces of Greatness Joe Mauer
BHP36 Brendan Katin
BHP10 Chris Carter
checklist 1 of 3
231 Jesus Flores
71 Gary Matthews
75 David Ortiz

Wow, they put Red Sox in this set? Just kidding. I am pleased with the Mauer bat card. It’s kind of hard for me not to have heard of Joe Mauer. ;)

pack 8:
22 Michael Young
233 Akinori Iwamura (no signature parallel)
4 Todd Helton (rainbow)
BHP4 Cesar Nicolas
BHP51 Will Venable
227 John Danks
35 Alfonso Soriano
107 Erik Bedard

The regular and parallel cards are almost identical in most cases but on some of the rookie cards, the placement of the Rookie Card logo is changed. This can be seen in a comparison of these Akinori Iwamura cards.

Akinori Iwamura, Bowman Heritage 2007Akinori Iwamura, Bowman Heritage 2007 parallel

January 3, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage blaster break: box 1

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Yes, I’m finally doing these posts. I bought six blasters, detected a whole bunch of fun patterns, and made it a good way into completing a set. I’ve never completed a set.

Here goes my first box, which was opened at work. (This is important, as my coworkers did indeed make comments on my pulls.)

Pack 1:
126 Travis Hafner
162 Tadahito Iguchi
238 Glen Perkins (rainbow)
BHP6 Zach McAllister
BHP70 Vasili Spanos
211 Tony Abreu
92 Bill Hall
16 Kelly Johnson

Not much to complain about. Pulled a Brewer, and that’s always good.

Pack 2:
18 Zach Duke
134 Troy Glaus
186 Scott Kazmir (no signature parallel)
220 Jeff Baker (rainbow)
BHP50 Luke Hochevar
BHP44 Chris Coghlan
checklist 3 of 3
210 Joe Smith
104 Nick Swisher

Pack 3:
49 Adrian Gonzalez
114 Zack Greinke
PG-PK Pieces of Greatness Paul Konerko
BHP24 Leo Daigle
BHP84 Jarrett Hoffpauir
249 Delmon Young
128 Willy Taveras
180 Alex Rios

Indeed, the snarky comment was from someone at work who hadn’t any idea about relic cards. “They’re chopping up bats and putting them on cards?” O_o
Me: “Yes, but who the heck is Paul Konerko?”
I have long since learnt who Paul Konerko is, as that also made the people around me a bit goggle-eyed. 2008 resolution: pay attention to AL Central.

Pack 4:
137 Austin Kearns
101 Andruw Jones
202 Tim Lincecum (rainbow)
BHP18 Cody Strait
BHP16 Jonathan van Every
237 Kevin Kouzmanoff
4 Todd Helton
52 J.J. Hardy

Yay, another Brewer, and also a rookie pitcher I had heard of. Part of the reason I started buying cards was to learn more about the game I hadn’t been paying much attention to over the past decade. The more cards I get, the more familiar the players become.

Pack 5:
97 Brian Giles
53 Bobby Abreu
3 of 5 Mickey Mantle
239 Danny Putnam (rainbow)
BHP100 Fernando Martinez
BHP8 Anthony Hatch
48 Freddy Garcia
108 Rafael Furcal

Brian Giles, Bowman Heritage 2007 set
The expression on his face really amuses me.

Pack 6:
69 Brian McCann
212 Billy Butler (rainbow)
BHP28 Bryan Byrne
BHP48 Woods Fines
checklist 2 of 3
244 Adam Lind
233 Akinori Iwamura
76 Stephen Drew
172 Aubrey Huff

Adam Lind, Bowman Heritage 2007 set
Adam Lind may have a chance at an outfield spot in Toronto this year, but a friend and I think he looks more like someone who’s gone temporarily missing from his emo band. Panic! at the Rogers Centre?

Pack 7:
85 Carlos Zambrano
141 Carlos Quentin
217 Carlos Gomez (rainbow)
BHP20 Young Il Jung
BHP22 Carlos Corporan
245 Travis Buck
184 Tom Gorzelanny
28 Bobby Crosby

Pack 8:
13 Chien-Ming Wang
193 Chase Utley
2 of 5 Mickey Mantle
241 Brian Sweeney (rainbow)
BHP64 Jeff Baisley
BHP72 Thomas Hottovy
229 Kei Igawa
200 Barry Bonds

I’m not really getting behind the Mantle insert concept here but I’ll freely admit I’m probably the only one who isn’t.

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