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February 12, 2008

Craptacular Wax

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I went to Target to pick up some last things for my trip and picked up a few of the old $1.59 packs just for the heck of it. I know they have nothing special left in them, but there’s always the chance of picking up a base card of one of my Shlabotniks. After all, wasn’t Curt Schilling in every set this century?

Not a chance.

The first craptastic pack was 2004 Fleer Platinum (which is so misnamed; is the sparkly set the Gold-Pressed Latinum set?)

checklist, cards 1-144 (Schilling is #29. No, I didn’t get one. No Craig Counsell on this CL, either)
95 Matt Stairs
73 Zach Day
some anti-packsearching cardstock (will use for papercrafting)
187 William Bergolla/Josh Hall
112 Eric Chavez
175 Jason Michaels Unsung Heroes
122 Jason Schmidt
173 Mariano Rivera Unsung Heroes

This set is old-school. Fugly old-school. Even worse, there’s nothing in here for the team collectors who read the blog and I didn’t end up with any of my Shlabotniks nor did I get any Brewers. I did get something to make an ATC out of, however, although my art sucks.

Second festival of crap was 2005 Fleer Showcase, which at least looks good–until you see the players I pulled.

22 David Eckstein (arrrgh, this should be one of my trap cards.)
78 Javy Lopez (the catcher, not Javier the Red Sox reliever whom the entirety of Red Sox Nation forgot existed)
50 Michael Young
more cardboard for me to make artist trading cards
26 Jody Gerut
45 Austin Kearns

Wow, that sucks.

Third not-so-crappy pack: 2006 Fleer Ultra

RBI17 Derrek Lee RBI Kings
150 Luis Gonzalez
201 Ken Griffey Jr. Retro Lucky 13
DP19 Pat Burrell Diamond Producers
96 Pedro Martinez
40 Mark Mulder (great, defective foil)
196 Jeff Harris
175 Alex Rodriguez (gold)

Hey, at least there are guys in this pack that I’ve heard of, and according to the Beckett I picked up today at least the Griffey and the Rodriguez aren’t commons, and the common inserts are listed. And wtf, is this pack almost all inserts?

4th pack, a return to total crap: 2004 Upper Deck Series 2.

358 Jeff Kent
424 Josh Fogg
405 Jose Contreras
284 Roberto Alomar
443 Freddy Garcia
cardboard APS device, with no blank side. Drat.
508 Scott Dohmann (severely printing-process damaged card–oops, ink!)
489 Roman Colon
522 Shawn Hill
SL-7 Edgar Renteria Super Sluggers (WHO ARE THEY FOOLING HERE?)

I admit I like Josh Fogg because he’s usually cheerful out there on the hill (or would be if he was employed; oops, Josh, should have taken that offer from the Rockies!) but that doesn’t really mean I’m excited about the card.

I’ll be back on the 20th with an exciting post (at least I hope it’s exciting.) I bought a hobby box of 2008 Upper Deck and it’s going to be opened when I get back from Boston. I also may have a paper-focused convention report. Apparently the hucksters’ room at Boskone is filled with dealers of those little rectangular paper things with pages with words on them. We’ll see. Also, I may ask David Weber if he based the Harrington Treecats on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They both had green uniforms and sucked.



  1. The third pack was pretty nice. At least in the fourth pack, you got four White Sox related cards in a row featuring one current and three ex-White Sox players.

    I can’t wait for the 20th now!

    Comment by whitesoxcards — February 12, 2008 @ 11:59 pm

  2. It wasn’t all bad, at least it gave you something to write about. Looking forward to the UD box break. I wish you mucho Brewer karma in that box.

    Comment by Joey — February 13, 2008 @ 6:45 am

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