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March 22, 2008

more February and March Postcrossing

It’s been a good month for Postcrossing receives. I’ve found the card I misplaced. There are a few I have received this week that I need to scan in, including a great lenticular stamp on a card from Finland. I’m recovering from the flu, so I didn’t get around to the scanning yet.

BR-28012, sent by JOGL2 in Brazil and received 27 February 2008

FR-23174, sent by mimosa in France and received 10 March 2008

GR-1977, sent by Nezumi in Greece and received 15 March 2008


March 7, 2008

Postcrossing arrivals for February and March

It’s been a while, but I really didn’t receive that many cards during February, just three. The other two cards in this post were received today. I can’t find what I’ve done with one of the cards, although I clearly remember receiving it!

Card 1, IT-12572 sent by joja70 from Italy and received 2 February 2008:

Card 2, AT-14584 sent by TinaMaus from Austria and received 12 February 2008:

Card 3, DE-138516 sent by Nalan from Germany and received 7 March 2008:

Card 4, DE-141663 sent by waws from Germany and received 7 March 2008:

March 1, 2008

missing cards update and innovative card storage

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I’ve contacted Upper Deck about the shorted blaster box and have the empty pack wrappers and the UPC code from the box on its way to UD quality assurance. Let’s see how long it takes to resolve this issue, eh.

I’ve noticed a few posts in cardland about storage of oddly-shaped baseball cards and other paper items. Coincidentally, here’s a post about nonstandard scrapbooking page protectors. There are links there to a few items, both regular scrapbook pages and actual photo/paper storage supplies, that may work for odd cards; just take a look at those. If you do need binders for them, 12×12 postbound scrapbooks are available pretty much everywhere these days.

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