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June 4, 2008

paper hobby updates

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I haven’t been posting because of family and work concerns. Also, the price of everything has gone up and I haven’t bought any baseball cards in months–except for today. More on that in a bit. The price of international postage has gone up to 94 cents at the same time the limit on travelling Postcrossing cards has increased. Because I have sent more than 150 cards, I can have 11 cards travelling at a time. I bought postage instead of cards.

I haven’t lost interest in baseball (far from it) but I have to agree with this post on gimmicks and the quality of base sets. I know large sets and cards of lesser-known or lesser-quality players drive some, no, many collectors up the wall but I’d love to see a set of every player who has played in the majors for a given season. For example, I follow the Brewers. My favorite player on this year’s squad is Seth McClung, the former long reliever who’s now attempting to hold on to a fifth starter position. There isn’t any card of him in the main Topps or Upper Deck sets for this year–but there’s apparently an insert in the upcoming Allen & Ginter set. I know that McClung was one of the last players to make the team in spring training, but it’s June, he hasn’t been DFA’ed yet, and is most certainly here to stay for at least the rest of the month. Couldn’t any of the companies put a card for him in Series 2?

As for cards I have purchased, I was at Walgreens tonight picking up something to assist a cranky toddler with strep throat into being less cranky and noticed some very odd Topps series 1 packs by the checkout counter. They’re some sort of odd cross between a wax pack, a rack pack, and Opening Day; they’re clear packs in which you can see the top card clearly through the cello (and the bottom card not so clearly) and contain 7 cards and one stick of gum for 99 cents. If only I had my checklist with me, but I didn’t.

As for fun stuff I’ve been doing, I have pictures from the 4-game series the Red Sox played against the Twins here in Minneapolis. I don’t recall if I linked the Fenway Park pictures from my trip in February before, but here they are.


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