Olagato House

September 10, 2008

why I haven’t been posting

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1) My scanner broke, preventing me from making the sorts of posts I’d like to make (postcard and ephemera scans, baseball card scans with snarky comments.)

2) I only recently started buying baseball cards again. (Yeah, I got on the Allen & Ginter bandwagon, only due to the presence of the Seth McClung insert, which of course I haven’t got yet–but I did end up with the Curt Schilling base card and state insert. Yay?)

3) I feel guilty about not getting back to people about trades. If you’ve contacted me in the last six months, the cards I’ve put aside are NOT going away and I will contact you soon once I have everything else sorted out.

4) Real life is sucking like a commercial-quality Hoover.

Once I get the scanner issue sorted out, I should have some quality posts. Someday. No, I’m not going to ask for donations, especially because I haven’t blogged in months.

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