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November 3, 2008

collect what you like, but…

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I know I’ve been grousing in a lot of blog comments and here on Olagato house about the new releases not having what I want. I’m not in the hobby for the speculation (collecting in the early 1990s cured me of that) or getting relics or autographs out of the packs; I’m into hand-collecting base sets. I’ve always been into base sets. There are a lot of us out there getting old cards even if we are paying $8 for old factory sets or whatever, because we’re nostalgic about our childhoods. We want to share what we love with our kids or the kids we have around, even if they’re not ours. (How many of us came back to the hobby when we had children or started planning a family? It’s not exactly true in my case, but I did come back after my cousin was born.) We’re getting new cards to establish new memories.

That’s why I get frustrated when certain players don’t appear in some sets. They’re part of my memories. How am I going to explain the 2007 Red Sox to my cousin if I only have cards of 50% of the roster? (I can share the memory of trying to get her to sleep during one of Daisuke Matsuzaka’s starts, or her crawling up to the TV screen looking at Hideki Okajima practically falling off the mound; at least there are cards of those guys!)

Nobody is making big money out of card collecting these days outside of the companies printing the cards. The big collapse has already happened, much like the 1990s comic collecting boom. My local comic shop is still in business because they serve people who read comics, not just the people who speculated on them. If you’re just going to let things sit there, what’s the point? Keep the cards safe, but also show them off, talk about them, think about what they mean to you.


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  1. I understand your frustration with a lot of the card sets produced now. I’m not really a big set collector any more, but I do enjoy trying to collect cards of the New York Met.

    Every year, I end up with dozens of different Pedro Martinez and David Wright cards. Guys that spend the whole year with the team might not get a single card, though, if they happen to be relief pitchers or bench players.

    Comment by Paul — November 5, 2008 @ 7:31 pm

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