Olagato House

November 6, 2008

more updates

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1) My want list page is up, although at this time I only have 2008 Allen & Ginter and my prospective player collections up. (No, I’m not actively collecting Curt Schilling cards. There are too many of them, and to be honest I’m far more interested in his pre-2004 cards–or, more to that matter, pre-1994 cards.)

2) I’ve started a baseball blog, Warm Summer Days Indoors, for all my actual nonpapery blather. This would probably be the place where I’d stick my story about trying to get pictures of Mike Schooler warming up in the visitors’ bullpen at the Metrodome but I couldn’t get close enough during the game; I was taking pictures with one of those Kodak Disc cameras and I was nervous because my grandmother had told me not to fool around with it–it was hers–and also I had the worst, most painful crush on Schooler and I couldn’t bring myself to get anywhere near because I was turning pink and all that embarrassing crud. (Being a nerdy eleven-year-old girl sucks. Being a fangirl of relief pitchers sucks even more.)

OK, I guess I just put the story here instead…XD

3) Postcrossing now has a postcards wall where I can post my received postcards. If I had a scanner. And also if I hadn’t made some of those earlier scans smaller than 300 pixels in one direction. But I do have some up that you’ve seen before here, and you can also see the ones I’ve sent out to people that they’ve bothered to scan and upload.


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