Olagato House

December 9, 2008

mail update

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My Internet service (and telephone) have been out at home for about a week. I know, from now being able to log in to wordpress.com, people have sent me mails. However, I cannot answer them because the library is blocking the port on my webmail. (“What? This isn’t port 80?! Block! Block!) Since I can’t check it at work due to port block, I can’t answer back either when I’m back to work. I have no idea when the problem will be fixed as it’s an area outage. In any case, if you’ve sent me a mail about trades, I’ll get back to you as soon as it is possible.

There are a few packages that I’ve received, and I need to send things out and thank goodness I have the packages so I can get the return addresses off them–yes, I didn’t save addresses so they’re hanging out on the webmail. The mail I can’t get to.

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