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I like things made of paper and “cute culture.” I’m blogging about trading cards and postcards, mostly, but had intended to also blog about ephemera, book covers, scrapbooking and various other cute paper–and nonpaper–items. The focus here is mostly paper, though.

You can contact Nicole the morineko (treecat) at treecat (at) faerielands.com.

My favorite baseball team is the Milwaukee Brewers. I’m from Minnesota. I started watching them in 1988. I can’t explain it, either.

I’m trying to start specific-player card collections of Curt Schilling and Craig Counsell. I associate Counsell with fall 2001, and his positive, cheerful playing making an impact on my mood at the time. I’ve liked Schilling far longer than any rational being not related to him should possibly have. Explaining why me at 12 in 1990 latched on to a slightly off middle reliever who couldn’t quite stick in the majors is one of those stories that I’m not going to tell. (I also admit I was paying minimal attention in 2004, so I only realized that a) the Sox won the World Series and b) Schilling played for them and not Arizona that year…what stupid ankle injury?)

Yes, I am a fan of science fiction and fantasy as well as baseball. The “treecat” username, as inadequately explained above, was a way of making a nonobvious fannish username. David Weber’s Honorverse series is one of my favorites and has plenty of baseball on offer, as well as cute mascots (like treecats) and exploding things in space.

My comment avatar on WordPress is of Hikaru Amano from the anime Martian Successor Nadesico. Like Hikaru, I am a long-haired, short, glasses-wearing fangirl.


  1. Hi, on our blog you mentioned a Donruss Schilling card. We’d be glad to mail it to you, just send us a PO box. We like your site!

    Comment by nmboxer — March 7, 2008 @ 1:26 am

  2. I sent you an email regarding some 08 A&G cards. Check for it, and email me back so I can get your address.

    Comment by Dan — December 6, 2008 @ 9:07 am

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