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November 30, 2008

blog updates

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For those of you who read the blog via RSS feed, there is a new section up on the site, the Trade List. These are cards I have that I can and will send out in trades.

Both this and the want list are a work in progress and should be further updated throughout this week.

November 26, 2008

happy early Thanksgiving

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Just a week after saying I didn’t know anyone who played Magic anymore, some of the guys in tech support were playing Magic in the break room today. It was another reminder that, well, it’s not the deck that’s the loser, it’s the player. ;) Looked like not enough mana sources to me…but I was more interested in my lunch.

The scanner should be hooked up tomorrow. I don’t watch football (I know!) so I have nothing else to do. And I do have something to scan!

November 19, 2008

trade update

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If I was going to send things out to you or was planning on digging up things to send out to you, it will be done this weekend. Busybusybusy. Also, out of nice envelopes.

November 6, 2008

more updates

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1) My want list page is up, although at this time I only have 2008 Allen & Ginter and my prospective player collections up. (No, I’m not actively collecting Curt Schilling cards. There are too many of them, and to be honest I’m far more interested in his pre-2004 cards–or, more to that matter, pre-1994 cards.)

2) I’ve started a baseball blog, Warm Summer Days Indoors, for all my actual nonpapery blather. This would probably be the place where I’d stick my story about trying to get pictures of Mike Schooler warming up in the visitors’ bullpen at the Metrodome but I couldn’t get close enough during the game; I was taking pictures with one of those Kodak Disc cameras and I was nervous because my grandmother had told me not to fool around with it–it was hers–and also I had the worst, most painful crush on Schooler and I couldn’t bring myself to get anywhere near because I was turning pink and all that embarrassing crud. (Being a nerdy eleven-year-old girl sucks. Being a fangirl of relief pitchers sucks even more.)

OK, I guess I just put the story here instead…XD

3) Postcrossing now has a postcards wall where I can post my received postcards. If I had a scanner. And also if I hadn’t made some of those earlier scans smaller than 300 pixels in one direction. But I do have some up that you’ve seen before here, and you can also see the ones I’ve sent out to people that they’ve bothered to scan and upload.

November 4, 2008

site updates

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My wantlists aren’t up yet. I had planned on doing them after I went to vote, but I overslept and spent the time after I voted packaging up eBay book orders and the envelope for Thorzul’s Trade Me Anything dealie (which I hope has enough stamps on the SASE…if not I am SORRY.) I walked to vote and it took me about 20 minutes, including walk to and back and voting time. At 11 AM, most of the voters were moms with babies. The lines were nonexistent.

I’ve updated my links to reflect the sites I’ve been reading in my RSS reader for months and never got around to linking here. I fail. Sorry.

November 2, 2008

want lists

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I’m still working on updating them, and I’ll have them posted sometime this week.

(and here closes my post for today.)

April 14, 2008

apologies for not posting

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I haven’t been posting because I’ve had the flu and a sinus infection, and I haven’t bought cards in a month, and I’m still working on putting that trade package together (no, I haven’t forgotten about it, I’ve been too sick to go through cards.)

Once I get all that out of the way, I’m going to post about a new player collection I’m thinking about starting.

February 24, 2008

my nontriumphant return to blogging

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As it turns out, the knee I “screwed up” in Boston was actually a dislocated kneecap. It’s not as severe as the dislocation I had in fall of 2006 where the entire kneecap went to the right and had to be manually adjusted, but it was bad enough that it was rubbing against the side of my knee when I walked. Yes, I was an idiot and walked two miles with a dislocated kneecap, not to mention the giant haul I had to make from the gate to the baggage claim here in Minneapolis. I don’t recommend flying in coach with a dislocated kneecap, either, unless you’re under 157cm. I am 157cm exactly. In any case, I really didn’t feel like recapping my trip to Boston or finally posting that UD box break because that would have involved more sitting at a computer and scanning things. My scanner is attached to the computer in my craft room. My craft room is in the basement. My knee should feel better by this weekend.

Speaking of UD and boxes, I bought a blaster at Wal-Mart this afternoon and one of the packs only had five cards in it, and that must have been the pack where the “one game-used card per box!” was supposed to be in. Do you think I’ll have better luck with calling Upper Deck to complain or emailing them about it? I still have the box and the wrappers from all the opened packs. (That’s another break I’ll post once the scanner is accessible.)

The administrative part of the post (other than delaying the posting of more card minutiae) is that I’ve added a fair amount of sites to the blogroll. If it’s on my roll, I’ve been reading it through RSS and Google Reader since I found out about the site but have been too lazy to add it to the blogroll until now. Welcome, you all, and thanks for the nice comments from some of you.

Trading activities may be assumed soon as well. That’s also related to the lack of scanner. I’m also out of penny sleeves, toploaders, and the small envelopes I use to send books. This is also causing delays in my BookMooch sendouts. (The books I read on the plane weren’t good enough to keep in my permanent collection; the great thing about BookMooch is that it allows me to give them to people who really want to read them and that I can get something else neat from someone else with a book credit. The only drawback is shipping, and I’m out of envelopes again.)

My trip to Boston as expressed in paper: I was there for Boskone, which unlike every other sf or anime convention I’ve attended did not have any artists or dealers selling postcards. Of course, my congoing activities up until now have all been in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. I was sorely disappointed. For one thing, sf fans like cats, and Postcrossers love requesting postcards of cats. I have a severe lack of cat postcards to send out as I sent all of the batch I bought at last year’s local cons out already. I didn’t buy any generic tourist postcards (seen at both the hotel giftshop and the CVS on Newbury Street where I bought instant icepacks.) I did get postcards at the Museum of Fine Arts, mostly the ones featuring the special exhibition of early 20th century British printmaking (no photos allowed, so I bought the postcards) and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (no photos allowed, period, so I’m using the postcards for my scrapbook.) I also picked up two packs of postcards at the big souvenir place outside Fenway Park. I bought one ten-pack of assorted Fenway views and one ten-pack of assorted players. They also had a ten-pack of Daisuke Matsuzaka postcards only, but I’m not that into Dice-K (shhh, if not for Schilling being broken he’d only be the 3rd starter) but apparently lots and lots of other people are if the souvenir stock is any indication. I didn’t get to any of the historical-type sites at all, unless you count Fenway Park. That’s two ballpark tours off my list this year; I did a Metrodome tour during Twins Fest. I’m going to Coors Field for a game in August during Denvention 3 but I’m unsure if I’m going to do the tour; after all, I am going to see a game ;)

I do have to mention the MFA’s sumo exhibit which had some great sumo postcards that you can see on that virtual tour. Part of that exhibit that isn’t in the virtual tour included some interesting trading cards and memorabilia. During the postwar period, there were playing cards issued that doubled as sumo trading cards. There were also some straightforward sumo trading cards from the 1990s on display with the familiar pictures and stats on the back sort of trading card layout. In the 1970s and 1980s, mass reproductions of wrestler handprints on paper were a popular form of sumo memorabilia. There were a few of those on display as well; those guys also have really big hands.

January 11, 2008

generic what’s up post

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Thank you to everyone who’s been linking to the blog. Despite my current about page, this blog did turn out to be about 75% baseball cards and 25% Postcrossing. I haven’t received any new postcards this week as my sent has finally caught up to my received. February should be a bit more active on the Postcrossing front. As for the baseball cards, I’ve been saving up for the 2008 releases and am trying to finish up all the 2007 posts. I’ve also been thinking about starting to trade as I would really like to complete some of the sets I have as well as get rid of a lot of these doubles. The next project is taking an inventory of my pre-2007 collection. I’ll be catching up to comments tonight and this weekend as well as putting some backlogged posts up.

I also realized that I didn’t put an email address up. I’ve edited my about page to put it in, but for those of you reading this the address is treecat (at) faerielands.com.

My username “morineko” was chosen because it’s my username at BookMooch and I originally got this account to comment on the official BookMooch blog. My real name is Nicole, as indicated on my BookMooch and PaperBackSwap profiles. (and, for future card trades, you can see that I have good feedback on BookMooch swaps. I also used to do postcard tag round robins on Postcrossing forums until international postage went up to 90 cents.)

As for future paper-related events, this weekend I’ll be going to my APA collation (Stipple-apa, the APA that’s been running about as long as I have–and there’s a member who IIRC hasn’t missed a single issue since launch.) Next weekend is the St. Croix Valley PaperBackSwap meetup, where we’ll get together, drink massive amounts of coffee, and swap books. The weekend after that is TwinsFest, which I have not attended since probably 1991 or 1992. I’ll have to see how things have changed. Apparently they still have the v.v. large card show. I wonder how long the autograph lines are now. The longest line I waited in back then was a half-hour or so line for Bert Blyleven’s autograph. I think I was a bit more patient when I was fourteen, though.

I’ll also be (probably) out of communication from February 13-19. I’ll be in Boston for Boskone and buying every postcard offered at the art show print shop, as is usual for me at sf cons.

December 29, 2007

the long-delayed Bowman Heritage blaster posts

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I’ll be putting these up nightly this week. No, I haven’t forgotten about them; it was a very busy holiday season around here for various reasons. I actually have days off this week and will be able to type stuff in ahead of time. (Hopefully I can get this to work like a standalone WordPress installation and queue posts for automatic posting.) Of course, by now, I’m up to 6 blasters bought.

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