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November 25, 2008

the “local” hobby store

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A couple of weeks ago, another Twin Cities resident commented on my blog asking if I knew of any remaining sports card shops in the area other than Uncommon Sports Cards in Richfield, which is a store that I like–the only problem is that it’s in Richfield, and I live about 25 miles away. Thus, the only times I’ve been able to get there have been when our APA has collations in South Minneapolis, or if I’m going to sf conventions in the area. I haven’t had any other reasons to go there, so that’s not been very often.

I had mentioned that I had recently visited another sports card store in Roseville, but I couldn’t find them in the phone book. That’s because it was a new store. Three Stars Sportscards just happens to be 25 miles in the other direction from my home. However, I haul out to Roseville more often because I have had a weekly comics pull at Source Comics and Games for about ten years. (I used to work in Roseville, and my shopping habits stuck.) In fact, it was one of the Source employees who told me about “this new baseball card store over on Hamline” because I was buying card boxes and not buying Magic cards with them. ;)

Now I have another reason to go to Roseville. The Scrapbook Shop is moving from St. Paul to Lexington, which is near Roseville.

Sports cards and comics were all faddish in the 1990s. Only the good stores survived. Any new stores are springing up to fill a void. There was a local newsstand chain that sold sports cards that went out of business a few years back. The scrapbooking fad is fading, too. There used to be an actually local to me scrapbooking shop right here in Cottage Grove. It closed. Then the one in Woodbury closed. Then the one in Roseville reasonably near Source, where I used to go after picking up my pull, closed (that was mall development fail, not store management fail–they had been in operation since 1998 and I had also been going there for rubber stamps for 10 years.) Then, finally, the store in South St. Paul near work and another store in Hastings closed. Scrapbook Shop is the only independent store left, as far as I know, on the St. Paul side of the river.

I’d love to shop independent and local, but it’s hard. One can’t even use the counter-argument of “you’d have more options if you didn’t live in the suburbs” because almost all the independent hobby and “geek” shops in the Twin Cities are in the suburbs, save for a few comics places and the local sf bookstores–and the latter are not in St. Paul. About the only thing that is still in St. Paul was the yarn store I was going to when I was crocheting, and I shopped there because they had a lot of customers who won’t use animal products and thus carried non-wool yarns.

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