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November 9, 2008

links of the day

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Thorzul received my package, which he has nicely scanned. I’m almost out of the fairy paper, BTW.

The Joy of Fanzines. Why do some sf fans still produce zines instead of (or in addition to) blogging? One fan’s answers are there. (which reminds me, our APA collation is Saturday. I must pub my ish, and soon.)

November 1, 2008

a hmmm… linkpost

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I’ve joined NaBloPoMo, so expect one post a day from me in November. I think I need this excuse to get this blog started once again, especially now that I’m not actively collecting.

For the paper crafts people: PunkRockPaint shows how he made an altered trading card.

I did not know that people are selling zines on Etsy. I’m working on starting a baseball zine (more details to be found in this space) after I got really inspired at the zine panel at this year’s Worldcon. I don’t know if I’d sell it on Etsy, though. (I’m supposed to send a spec copy to this guy I met, although I’ve had his zine since August and haven’t sent out any LOCs yet. Oh, and I STILL didn’t get my Worldcon report apazine done.)

December 11, 2007

link of the day

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I found an interesting thread on MetaFilter concerning the New York Public Library’s collection of tobacco cards, as well as links to a site member’s own (former) collection.

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