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November 28, 2008

I prefer Blue Monday

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I had to work today. I didn’t do Buy Nothing Day, though, because I had to buy lunch. 6 people + turkey sized for 3 people = no leftovers.

Also due to the surprise relatives, I only managed to get 12 cards uploaded to my postcard wall. This is only about 1/12 of the easily available postcards I need to scan. Also, I didn’t have time to scan in anything for future Cards of the Day.

Right now, I’m watching some winter ball I recorded from earlier this evening. It was not raining in the Dominican Republic when the game started. I am shocked. (At least it’s not that 22-20 Venezuelan game I recorded earlier this week.)

March 22, 2008

more February and March Postcrossing

It’s been a good month for Postcrossing receives. I’ve found the card I misplaced. There are a few I have received this week that I need to scan in, including a great lenticular stamp on a card from Finland. I’m recovering from the flu, so I didn’t get around to the scanning yet.

BR-28012, sent by JOGL2 in Brazil and received 27 February 2008

FR-23174, sent by mimosa in France and received 10 March 2008

GR-1977, sent by Nezumi in Greece and received 15 March 2008

March 7, 2008

Postcrossing arrivals for February and March

It’s been a while, but I really didn’t receive that many cards during February, just three. The other two cards in this post were received today. I can’t find what I’ve done with one of the cards, although I clearly remember receiving it!

Card 1, IT-12572 sent by joja70 from Italy and received 2 February 2008:

Card 2, AT-14584 sent by TinaMaus from Austria and received 12 February 2008:

Card 3, DE-138516 sent by Nalan from Germany and received 7 March 2008:

Card 4, DE-141663 sent by waws from Germany and received 7 March 2008:

January 5, 2008

Postcrossing Cards Received, 2008-01-03

I picked up three cards on Thursday. (No cards today.)

Card 1, IN-2858, from user smohan_raj in India.

Card 2, CN-8533, from user Judy1991 in China.

Card 3, NL-64325, from user Lilagirl in the Netherlands.

Postcrossing Cards Received 2007-12-27

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I didn’t get around to scanning these until today. Here’s card IT-9935, received from user MrZep in Italy.


December 22, 2007

Postcrossing cards received 2007-12-22

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This is the first of what will be regular posts. I’m a member of Postcrossing and many Postcrossers put up received cards in galleries or blogs.

Here’s today’s received card, FI-241308, from user lafemelle in Finland.

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