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November 26, 2008

happy early Thanksgiving

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Just a week after saying I didn’t know anyone who played Magic anymore, some of the guys in tech support were playing Magic in the break room today. It was another reminder that, well, it’s not the deck that’s the loser, it’s the player. ;) Looked like not enough mana sources to me…but I was more interested in my lunch.

The scanner should be hooked up tomorrow. I don’t watch football (I know!) so I have nothing else to do. And I do have something to scan!


November 25, 2008

the “local” hobby store

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A couple of weeks ago, another Twin Cities resident commented on my blog asking if I knew of any remaining sports card shops in the area other than Uncommon Sports Cards in Richfield, which is a store that I like–the only problem is that it’s in Richfield, and I live about 25 miles away. Thus, the only times I’ve been able to get there have been when our APA has collations in South Minneapolis, or if I’m going to sf conventions in the area. I haven’t had any other reasons to go there, so that’s not been very often.

I had mentioned that I had recently visited another sports card store in Roseville, but I couldn’t find them in the phone book. That’s because it was a new store. Three Stars Sportscards just happens to be 25 miles in the other direction from my home. However, I haul out to Roseville more often because I have had a weekly comics pull at Source Comics and Games for about ten years. (I used to work in Roseville, and my shopping habits stuck.) In fact, it was one of the Source employees who told me about “this new baseball card store over on Hamline” because I was buying card boxes and not buying Magic cards with them. ;)

Now I have another reason to go to Roseville. The Scrapbook Shop is moving from St. Paul to Lexington, which is near Roseville.

Sports cards and comics were all faddish in the 1990s. Only the good stores survived. Any new stores are springing up to fill a void. There was a local newsstand chain that sold sports cards that went out of business a few years back. The scrapbooking fad is fading, too. There used to be an actually local to me scrapbooking shop right here in Cottage Grove. It closed. Then the one in Woodbury closed. Then the one in Roseville reasonably near Source, where I used to go after picking up my pull, closed (that was mall development fail, not store management fail–they had been in operation since 1998 and I had also been going there for rubber stamps for 10 years.) Then, finally, the store in South St. Paul near work and another store in Hastings closed. Scrapbook Shop is the only independent store left, as far as I know, on the St. Paul side of the river.

I’d love to shop independent and local, but it’s hard. One can’t even use the counter-argument of “you’d have more options if you didn’t live in the suburbs” because almost all the independent hobby and “geek” shops in the Twin Cities are in the suburbs, save for a few comics places and the local sf bookstores–and the latter are not in St. Paul. About the only thing that is still in St. Paul was the yarn store I was going to when I was crocheting, and I shopped there because they had a lot of customers who won’t use animal products and thus carried non-wool yarns.

November 24, 2008

I think I have a package

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At least, I had a parcel slip in my mailbox today, but the line was ridiculous and I didn’t have time to wait in it. I don’t really want to drive around that much in the brrrr, you know?

I really needed 94-cent stamps, too. ‘Tis the season to nearly hit the 12-card sending limit at Postcrossing.

The scanner isn’t hooked up yet. This morning, I was running Mission: Laundry.

November 23, 2008

I have a scanner!

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Unfortunately I have no time to hook it up until probably next weekend. I also have an ear infection. Vertigo, mmmmm.

The only benefit: the local CVS has started to carry postcards, which is great because the local Wal-mart no longer does. (I’ve seen postcards at CVS, but that was in Boston, and my friends and me were too busy running around looking for instant icepacks to care. Woodbury, Minnesota is not exactly a touristy area.)

November 22, 2008

aaaargh Topps, part 2

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I bought three hobby packs of Heritage High Numbers today because I didn’t feel like using a credit card for 70 cents of empty boxes.

One of the packs of cards only had seven cards in it. The wrapper looked untampered with, at least.

Also, Topps has changed the manufacturer of the insert gum and it tastes awful. If you already thought the gum tasted awful, now it’s even worse.

November 21, 2008

aarrrgh Topps

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So here I wait all year to see if any card company will make a Seth McClung card that’s not an insert and now I find out it’s a freakin’ SHORT PRINT? Oh, Topps, you fail so, so hard.

(and here I thought I wouldn’t have anything to post about today.)

November 20, 2008

my collecting story

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This is my post for the blog carnival Bat Around over at Sports Card Uncensored.

what type of collector am I?
I don’t really classify myself as a type of collector. I like stuff printed on paper. This blog is about all sorts of stuff printed on flat sheets of paper. However, I like those things to be interesting to look at. Sometimes, I like them to be shiny (this explains all the Heidi Grace paper I’ve been storing up…ooh, organic forms with glitter.) Sometimes, I like them to be cute. But when it comes to cards, I need to either have good photography or good design, and preferably both.

boring prattle on how I started collecting
Like a lot of kids, I got interested in baseball and soon after started collecting cards. My mother bought me my first pack in 1987. I kept on collecting cards and watching baseball for the next seven years. I do need to note that a large part of my interest in cards was social. We traded cards at recess. I traded cards with penpals. (This explains why I have hockey cards from 1990.) Once I hit junior high, the social aspect decreased, so I bought less cards.

I lost interest in baseball after the 1994 strike, but looking back on my card-buying habits–I apparently bought a couple of packs of various whatever in ’94–my baseball card collection was replaced by an entirely different collection. You may have heard of this little game called Magic: the Gathering. This game absolutely occupied the group of kids I associated with in high school, and I played it until my second and final year of college. I picked up Magic again when I returned to community college and started hanging around with the group of various geek and otaku girls who gathered in the commons in the morning. I was even worse at Magic in 2005 than I was in 1995. I’ve kept all my cards but the game confuses all my current friends, except for the people who quit Magic and won’t go back. (Some of them replaced it with poker. Cardboard crack indeed….)

I have some Pokemon and Sailor Moon CCG cards around. My cousin’s Pokemon collection was absolutely epic, but she didn’t want to actually play the game with those. I had a starter set and we played with that. I–as a previous trade indicates–was also collecting the 2000 Cardcaptors set. It’s probably not worth putting my wantlist up for that. I see that unopened wax boxes are occasionally available on eBay, anyway.

I started watching baseball in earnest again in 2007. I picked up a rack pack of 2007 Topps soon after. I didn’t think I’d actually start collecting again. I was in fact going to use any cards that weren’t Brewers or Red Sox as material for paper craft projects. This didn’t happen. I discovered card blogs before I could get around to it. What, people are writing about cards? And trading them online? Maybe I should get into that…and here I am.

why do I collect this stuff?
Why do I collect the sets I collect? Design, mostly. If I don’t like the design there isn’t any point in having an entire set of totally fugly cards.

Why do I collect the players I collect? Because they’re my favorites to watch play, and because I don’t have hundreds or thousands of cards to look for especially if I’m not chasing parallels, because I’m not. It’s great when there are less than 100, or 50, or 20, to look for. :)

how can I be persuaded to buy more cards?
If there’s anything the manufacturers could do, it would be (as everyone and their dog posted) to bring back the sorts of sets that had everyone who made a major league roster in the previous year. I’d actually buy more cards instead of waiting for someone else to pull it and not want it so I can send off unwanted cards to them that they want to get it. If I’m only buying cards to use as trade bait, something’s wrong.

Also, bad design is right out. Stupid photomanips (“Photoshop,” airbrushing, etc.) are right out. Stop reminding me of scary stuff I’ve seen in media fandom. Fools with soon-parted money buy those, too, and I’ve never been able to figure out why.

November 19, 2008

trade update

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If I was going to send things out to you or was planning on digging up things to send out to you, it will be done this weekend. Busybusybusy. Also, out of nice envelopes.

November 18, 2008

Pack of the Day: 2008 Upper Deck Timeline

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I really like looking at these cards; however, they do seem to get easily damaged. Just by opening the pack. I know I know how to open packs correctly so there must be some other avenue of fail here. I’d like to collect this set, but according to other posts I’ve seen it’s just full o’ short prints. Boo.

23 Matt Kemp (dinged! ;_; )
5 Johan Santana
41 Justin Verlander
14 Derrek Lee
106 Clete Thomas RC
300 Albert Pujols (2008 Timeless Teams)

All are available for trade except for the dinged-up Kemp (if you want it, though, you’re welcome to it if you’re getting something else from me) and the Thomas because the picture on the back amused me that much and I need to scan it in. I’ll have a scanner this weekend!

November 17, 2008

current baseball postcards?

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I was planning on doing this post when I got a scanner, but I’ll go into it a bit now. Are there any teams still selling team sets of postcards? I was thinking about this after seeing Paul’s post about his eBay Mets postcard find; then I was looking at the postcard section at TwinsCards.com and noticed that the Twins haven’t issued a set of postcards to the public since 1987. Any official team postcards later than that were sent out in response to fan mail.

The only recent baseball postcards I’ve seen for current players were some I picked up in Boston at the Yawkey Way souvenir shop back in February 2008. I purchased a 10-pack of assorted cards–and when I say assorted, it’s correct. I ended up with two of the same Jason Varitek card, another Varitek, two different ones of David Ortiz, and one each of Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling, Jonathan Papelbon, and Manny Ramirez. (There’s a 10th missing; it may be another Manny. The extra Tek and one of the Ortiz cards were sent out to Postcrossers.) The other pack they were selling was a 10-pack of Daisuke Matsuzaka cards. I’m unsure if any other 2007 Red Sox appeared on those postcards. I’ll be scanning what I have soon. If the range of postcards I’ve received from Japanese Postcrossers is any indication, postcards are still popular in Japan; this may explain why Red Sox postcards were produced in 2007. It probably explains the Matsuzaka-only pack, for what it’s worth.

If anyone has any idea if there were other 2007 Sox cards or if there were any other commercially-available MLB postcards produced in the 21st century, I’d love to know. (I’m also interested in NPB postcards, but I’m probably better off asking that on the Postcrossing forum.)

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