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November 27, 2008

a package! and scanned things!

I received a package from White Sox Cards the other day, part of a trade we’ve been working on since March or so. It looks like it’s going to be, um, a bit lopsided, as I received a small white box full of 2007 Upper Deck (too much to list) and a few other things, like 2007 Goudey and 2007 Bowman Heritage and 2008 Allen & Ginter. It’s exactly what I needed. I’m thankful for the PO not smashing the package, too. Here’s some examples of what I was sent. ^_^

2007 Goudey Kevin Kouzmanoff
I didn’t realize that 2006 was indeed Kouzmanoff’s rookie year. It seems like he’s been around forever.

2007 Bowman Heritage B.J. Upton
I kind of miss the Rays’ green uniforms. I don’t miss the bad play, however.

2007 Upper Deck Claudio Vargas
I was watching this guy pitch in winter ball last week. He’s still soooo slow. ^^;;;

2008 Upper Deck Julian Tavarez
I suppose he counts as a 2008 Brewer, as much as I wish he didn’t.

2008 Allen & Ginter Matt Tolbert
He uses the Cranberries’ “Zombie” as his walk-up music. Completely lolarious when you hear it the first time. Also the last time, because after the series I attended he promptly got hurt and didn’t return until the end of the season.

December 29, 2007

pack openings, 2007 Goudey

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I grabbed these Thursday at Target during a flurry of post-Christmas clearance sale shopping. These weren’t on clearance but I needed to get something for myself after picking up too many discounted singing Elmos for my cousin’s 1st birthday gift.

Pack 1:
100 Zach Duke
117 Mike Cameron
118 Matt Holliday
260 David Wright

13 Barry Zito
97 Trevor Hoffman
127 Freddy Sanchez
151 Mark Loretta

Well, it fills holes in my set….

Pack 2:
10 Andy Pettitte
94 Tom Glavine
167 Francisco Liriano
191 Victor Martinez

27 Chipper Jones
62 Joe Mauer
150 Joe Crede
104 Ichiro

Wow, they made a Liriano card for this set. I hope he manages to stay off the DL in 2008, especially now that the Twins have discarded Silva and Garza. (I live in Minneapolis. Even when I say I don’t follow the Twins, I end up following the Twins.)

Please forgive me a Shallow Fangirl Moment here. My goodness, is Tom Glavine looking old, and awfully quickly, too. What happened?

As for Mr Suzuki we could probably start using his family name. Mac Suzuki’s been out of MLB for over five years and it’s not like anyone’s going to confuse Ichiro with Kurt, who plays for Oakland and is taller, heavier, ten years younger, and usually found wearing catching equipment.

Pack 3:
63 Johan Santana
174 Jack Wilson
198 Felipe Lopez

232 Derek Jeter
65 Johnny Damon
72 Lance Berkman
129 Andre Ethier
153 Troy Glaus

They could have put a bit more effort into the photo editing on the Jeter card, but oh well.

December 10, 2007

various pack openings

Before I get around to my giant Bowman Heritage blaster box post (and there will be one, once I recover from this weekend’s Christmas shopping) here’s some packs I opened on Saturday, obtained on a normal, non-holiday-related trip to Target.

2007 Topps Updates and Highlights:
UH114 Pete Orr
UH131 Marlon Byrd
UH125 Joe Kennedy
UH53 Randy Messenger
UH24 Brad Hennessey
UH47 Scott Hairston
UH317 Chris Schroder
UH120 Jason Phillips
GN419 Prince Fielder Generation Now
UH15 David Wells
UH235 C.C. Sabathia All-Star
UH239 Mike Lowell All-Star

I’m having good luck getting Fielder cards in this set. However, I’m starting to question the collation again; this pack was almost identical to one I pulled a few weeks back, except that one had Wilson Betemit instead of David Wells, 2 different All-Stars, and a Kenji Johjima Generation Now.

2007 Goudey:
95 Torii Hunter
32 David Ortiz
111 Morgan Ensberg
202 Nolan Ryan
40 Garret Anderson
33 Billy Wagner
187 Jose Vidro
107 Dan Uggla

These cards are, to be honest, soooooo cute! No, not the players, the cards. I also intend to document cute things on this blog, and 2007 Goudey are nothing if not that due to the small size and the front designs. I’ve overheard women buying these cards at Target and remarking on the “cute little interesting cards.” I’m also amused by the photo editing. I have the Chien-Ming Wang card and the edit used makes his eyes look like the glassy ones one would stick in ball-jointed dolls. I’m sure someone in Taiwan has already made her BJD look like Chien-Ming Wang. The edit on the Scott Kazmir card, which I don’t have, also looks like the preliminary work on a BJD face-up. (If anyone has a Scott Kazmir doll, I really don’t want to know.)

I really don’t have much to say about this pack itself, other than I’m pleased with having a David Ortiz card.

2007 Bowman Heritage:
173 Xavier Nady
250 Daisuke Matsuzaka (no sig)
54 Bartolo Colon (rainbow)
BHP62 Aaron Cunningham
BHP2 Peter Bourjos
225 Matt Chico
206 Homer Bailey
91 Ryan Garko

Once again, there appears to be a pattern with the collation (which will be even more evident once I get around to posting 3 blasters’ worth of box breaks.) I’m pleased with the pack; I can’t complain about a Matsuzaka card.

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