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November 18, 2008

Pack of the Day: 2008 Upper Deck Timeline

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I really like looking at these cards; however, they do seem to get easily damaged. Just by opening the pack. I know I know how to open packs correctly so there must be some other avenue of fail here. I’d like to collect this set, but according to other posts I’ve seen it’s just full o’ short prints. Boo.

23 Matt Kemp (dinged! ;_; )
5 Johan Santana
41 Justin Verlander
14 Derrek Lee
106 Clete Thomas RC
300 Albert Pujols (2008 Timeless Teams)

All are available for trade except for the dinged-up Kemp (if you want it, though, you’re welcome to it if you’re getting something else from me) and the Thomas because the picture on the back amused me that much and I need to scan it in. I’ll have a scanner this weekend!


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