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February 23, 2009

yet another exciting blaster problem

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To update my last post, I do still have a job; I just have more work than I’d like per day, with more days off. This should increase my blogging eventually.

I have been buying bits and pieces of the 2009 baseball base sets. I finally saw an Upper Deck blaster at Target tonight. I am not particularly interested in UD Series 1–the McClung card is in Series 2 ^_^–but if you’re getting one series you may as well get the other. When I opened it, I noticed that the box had eleven packs in it. What? ::reads box:: It’s supposed to only have ten.

What’s in the extra pack? Apparently an extra jersey card. If I was a bigger fan of memorabilia cards, I’d have a bigger w00t here, but I’m not. One of them is a Jason Varitek card. Mother’s Day is only in 3 months and Mom is going to love it. ^_^

I also managed to score the best Yankee Stadium Legacy card EVAR–or at least of the 2008 games. It’s the 2008 All-Star Game card. I was going to put all my YSL cards up for trade, but I’m keeping that one. After staying up to watch all 15 innings of that game, I think I deserve it.

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