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December 9, 2008

mail update

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My Internet service (and telephone) have been out at home for about a week. I know, from now being able to log in to wordpress.com, people have sent me mails. However, I cannot answer them because the library is blocking the port on my webmail. (“What? This isn’t port 80?! Block! Block!) Since I can’t check it at work due to port block, I can’t answer back either when I’m back to work. I have no idea when the problem will be fixed as it’s an area outage. In any case, if you’ve sent me a mail about trades, I’ll get back to you as soon as it is possible.

There are a few packages that I’ve received, and I need to send things out and thank goodness I have the packages so I can get the return addresses off them–yes, I didn’t save addresses so they’re hanging out on the webmail. The mail I can’t get to.

November 18, 2007

introducing Olagato House

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I’m Nicole, aka morineko. Olagato House was originally a static website I started in 2000 to catalog and document my Hello Kitty and Sanrio collection. (I also have a thing for very bad puns.) Over time, I realized that a great deal of my Sanrio collection consisted of paper goods. Most of my collections of things involve paper goods, in fact. I collect all sorts of stationery. I love office supplies. I also love postcards and postcard trading. I have all sorts of trading cards, mostly baseball and Magic: the Gathering. I own over 2700 books. I have several longboxes of comics. I also scrapbook.

This blog will be, thus, dedicated to scanning and discussing things made of paper as well as things related to “cute”–like the rest of my Sanrio collection and other cute items. One can never have too many phone charms. (Where is my Kogepan one?)

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