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November 11, 2008

Card of the Day: 1991 Score Dana Kiecker

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Let’s take a break from all the ’93 UD and move just a bit back a few years to another sort of card with pictures on the back. Yes, I’m talking about 1991 Score. Score was my favorite brand of cards because a) it had nice portraits of players on the back; b) it was cheaper than Upper Deck, which was my actual favorite brand but one I couldn’t really afford.

Here’s a card of the guy you can partially blame my Red Sox fandom on (one of my teachers was a buddy of his or something along those lines–it was 18 years ago, I’ve forgotten the exact nature of the relationship.)

1991 Score Dana Kiecker (front) 1991 Score Dana Kiecker (back)

Kiecker was one of those career minor leaguers with Surprise Contending Action! that magically activated upon his callup. Unfortunately, he blew out his elbow and missed a lot of 1991, and in 1992 his major-league career was over. He’s currently one of the TV guys for the independent league St. Paul Saints.

November 10, 2008

Card of the Day: 1993 Upper Deck Todd Stottlemyre

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Here’s another one out of my endless supply of ’93 UD, back from the days of quality and quirky card photography.

1993 Upper Deck Todd Stottlemyre

are his ears pointed?

Apparently, back in the ’80s, Toronto was attempting to sign Elves as international free agents. They ran into a snag when they discovered this particular Elf was actually born in Washington, but they decided to blow their first round draft pick on him anyway. He then proceeded to have a 14-season MLB career mostly consisting of being a league-average starter.

November 8, 2008

Card of the Day: 1993 Upper Deck Curt Schilling

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Why, yes, I do have a 1993 UD factory set. I had scanned these for general amusement purposes before my scanner died on me. (I went to Best Buy today…and bought a toaster oven. Next paycheck, maybe?)

Here’s the back of a card. The front is your standard Pitcher Throwing a Ball In-Game shot. The back….

1993 Upper Deck Curt Schilling

warning: bunts

Relief pitchers bunting! It’s the greatest! OK, so Schilling was a starter for half the year, but you know relief pitchers never usually take BP (only wacky dudes like Seth McClung do that) and AL relief pitchers take BP even less so, and that’s what he was until 1991. Even after 17 seasons in the NL and 3 of AL interleague games, Curt Schilling was still dead useless at batting, with a lifetime batting average of .151 and OPS of .349. (He drew a lot of walks in 1999 for no discernable reason, and also hit a triple. How?)

November 7, 2008

Card of the Day: 1993 Upper Deck Alan Embree

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And welcome to the filler portion of this blog! I was actually planning on making my first Card of the Day a non-sport release, but I need to do some research first (which is mostly consisting of “waiting for my Japanese-fluent friends to get on gtalk”–and they haven’t) so you get this instead.

1993 Upper Deck Alan Embree

1993 Upper Deck Alan Embree

Embree certainly was a rookie in 1992, but he was about 80 kinds of awful. He got better, somewhat.

I have no idea what on earth the poor young man is wearing in this picture, but it has his name on it just in case the garment would have been picked up by another Indian with unfortunate fashion sense.

April 16, 2008

gripes for today

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My post for today was intended to be one on my choice of a new player whose cards I was going to start to collect. I was looking for a player who hadn’t been a prospect for very long, so there would be no hunting down all those prospect and minor league releases, but I was also looking for a player who wasn’t so good as to have hundreds and hundreds of insert card releases but wasn’t bad enough not to have any at all. I had settled on Peter Moylan–there surprisingly aren’t many cards of him at all, and from what I can tell none from 2007!–because I had thought he had a long career of successful setup ahead of him. Sadly, he suffered an elbow injury and was placed on the 15-day DL yesterday, and it looks like it could be serious. In any case, my collection of Moylan cards stands at 1 (the 2008 Upper Deck series 1) but that doesn’t mean I don’t want any more ;)

Speaking of Upper Deck, I finally heard back from them about the shorted blaster pack that I sent in wrappers and UPC codes over a month ago. I’ll scan the letter when I get home as it’s absolutely ridiculous in its assumptions. I wasn’t as ticked off about the missing insert card as much as the pack that was shorted cards in general. (And I just bought one of those Target $1.59 packs of 2005 Fleer and that was also short one card, so it must be an ongoing UD issue.)

They did send me free product, though: a pack of retail 2007 UD series 2 baseball. I guess it’s a good thing I’m still trying to finish that set.

February 12, 2008

Craptacular Wax

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I went to Target to pick up some last things for my trip and picked up a few of the old $1.59 packs just for the heck of it. I know they have nothing special left in them, but there’s always the chance of picking up a base card of one of my Shlabotniks. After all, wasn’t Curt Schilling in every set this century?

Not a chance.

The first craptastic pack was 2004 Fleer Platinum (which is so misnamed; is the sparkly set the Gold-Pressed Latinum set?)

checklist, cards 1-144 (Schilling is #29. No, I didn’t get one. No Craig Counsell on this CL, either)
95 Matt Stairs
73 Zach Day
some anti-packsearching cardstock (will use for papercrafting)
187 William Bergolla/Josh Hall
112 Eric Chavez
175 Jason Michaels Unsung Heroes
122 Jason Schmidt
173 Mariano Rivera Unsung Heroes

This set is old-school. Fugly old-school. Even worse, there’s nothing in here for the team collectors who read the blog and I didn’t end up with any of my Shlabotniks nor did I get any Brewers. I did get something to make an ATC out of, however, although my art sucks.

Second festival of crap was 2005 Fleer Showcase, which at least looks good–until you see the players I pulled.

22 David Eckstein (arrrgh, this should be one of my trap cards.)
78 Javy Lopez (the catcher, not Javier the Red Sox reliever whom the entirety of Red Sox Nation forgot existed)
50 Michael Young
more cardboard for me to make artist trading cards
26 Jody Gerut
45 Austin Kearns

Wow, that sucks.

Third not-so-crappy pack: 2006 Fleer Ultra

RBI17 Derrek Lee RBI Kings
150 Luis Gonzalez
201 Ken Griffey Jr. Retro Lucky 13
DP19 Pat Burrell Diamond Producers
96 Pedro Martinez
40 Mark Mulder (great, defective foil)
196 Jeff Harris
175 Alex Rodriguez (gold)

Hey, at least there are guys in this pack that I’ve heard of, and according to the Beckett I picked up today at least the Griffey and the Rodriguez aren’t commons, and the common inserts are listed. And wtf, is this pack almost all inserts?

4th pack, a return to total crap: 2004 Upper Deck Series 2.

358 Jeff Kent
424 Josh Fogg
405 Jose Contreras
284 Roberto Alomar
443 Freddy Garcia
cardboard APS device, with no blank side. Drat.
508 Scott Dohmann (severely printing-process damaged card–oops, ink!)
489 Roman Colon
522 Shawn Hill
SL-7 Edgar Renteria Super Sluggers (WHO ARE THEY FOOLING HERE?)

I admit I like Josh Fogg because he’s usually cheerful out there on the hill (or would be if he was employed; oops, Josh, should have taken that offer from the Rockies!) but that doesn’t really mean I’m excited about the card.

I’ll be back on the 20th with an exciting post (at least I hope it’s exciting.) I bought a hobby box of 2008 Upper Deck and it’s going to be opened when I get back from Boston. I also may have a paper-focused convention report. Apparently the hucksters’ room at Boskone is filled with dealers of those little rectangular paper things with pages with words on them. We’ll see. Also, I may ask David Weber if he based the Harrington Treecats on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They both had green uniforms and sucked.

January 26, 2008


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No pictures (because I didn’t take any) and no scans because I’m sick sick sick and feeling too lazy to scan (how do I pick up con crud at a card show?) but I had fun, when I wasn’t waiting in line, climbing up lots and lots and lots of steps, and feeling like something was stabbing me in the nose. The clubhouse tour was interesting. The Twins clubhouse is v.v.v. tiny. The new stadium will have a bigger one. I hope the Twins get along well because that is more closeness to one’s coworkers than is really desired.

1991 Fleer factory set, $8
1990 Upper Deck factory set, $8
“grab bag” with 21 odd cards and 1/3 of a 1991 Donruss rack pack, $1
1979, 1982 and 1983 Twins postcard sets, $25
autographs of Dennys Reyes, Craig Monroe and Nick Punto, $10

Don’t ask me why I ended up in that autograph line, other than creative uses for 2007 Upper Deck doubles. Can anyone explain the fangirl appeal of Nick Punto? That entire line was filled with squeeing young ladies. IMO, they should have been squeeing over Craig Monroe…oh well. XD

January 21, 2008

not for the intended use

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I bought a mailbox. All the project ideas I’ve seen for it indicate it should be used with valentines. I’m going to put it on my desk at home and use it for postcards. Heck, it comes with 12 chipboard postcards. It wants to be filled with postcards. (Speaking of valentines, did anyone remember seeing baseball valentines back in the day? I recall receiving some, although I could be completely off here. I invariably gave out the cheap ones with the unlicensed designs. eBay is of no help but there are some lovely albeit expensive early 20th c. baseball-themed valentine postcards.)

I also bought a small metal tin that is also supposed to be decorated with paper. It’s just the right size to fit a small amount of toploaders. Yes, I’ll be storing baseball cards in it. Right now, there are three opened but unnoted packs in there. I will note further when I get some time; just thought people may be amused by the fact the mini flag insert in the Allen & Ginter pack shot out of the pack and onto the floor and nearly into the path of the oncoming dog. My dog likes paper about as much or more as she likes attacking unprotected feet. Don’t worry, I saved it in time.

January 10, 2008

2007 Bowman Heritage blaster break: box 3

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I know this is three days late. I was celebrating (ha) my 30th birthday (no cards received) and a bit stressed from dealing with a rather foul eBay transaction that was no fault of the guy I was buying the thingie from. Paypal, you suck and you fail. Onto the cards!

Pack 1:
102 Aaron Harang
25 Vladimir Guerrero
145 Mike Piazza (rainbow)
BHP17 Eddie Degerman
BHP65 Vic Buttler
checklist 1 of 3
218 Rick Vanden Hurk
7 Mickey Mantle
131 Prince Fielder

OK, one Brewer.

Pack 2:
173 Xavier Nady
197 Tim Hudson
234 Ryan Braun (no signature parallel)
5 Shawn Hill (rainbow)
BHP99 Cooper Brannan
BHP29 Daniel Mayora
111 Adam LaRoche
27 Lance Berkman

Even more OK, another Brewer.

Pack 3:
5 Shawn Hill
189 Ryan Zimmerman
105 Pedro Martinez (rainbow)
BHP23 Chance Douglass
BHP75 Brian Bocock
250 Daisuke Matsuzaka
87 David DeJesus
120 Jorge Posada

Ah, Dice-K, my mother’s favorite player.

Pack 4:
125 Roy Oswalt
77 Ronnie Belliard
86 Bengie Molina (rainbow)
BHP93 Ryan Adams
BHP5 Kala Ka’aihue
201 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
160 Carl Crawford
88 Adam Wainwright

Pack 5:
61 Rickie Weeks
165 Rich Harden
248 Troy Tulowitzki (no signature parallel)
38 C.C. Sabathia (rainbow)
BHP49 Andrew Fie
BHP13 John Otness
checklist 2 of 3
234 Ryan Braun
124 Josh Willingham

Wow, more Brewers! And I get two Ryan Brauns in this box! …and Troy Tulowitzki. Still fields better than Braun, but is he Rookie of the Year? No! And that’s good! [/homer]

Pack 6:
9 Randy Johnson
105 Pedro Martinez
PG-AE Pieces of Greatness Andre Ethier
BHP27 Chuck Lofgren
BHP97 Shane Benson
212 Billy Butler
140 Carlos Beltran
156 A.J. Burnett

Pack 7:
81 Orlando Cabrera
17 Nick Johnson
85 Carlos Zambrano (rainbow)
BHP53 Matthew Sweeney
BHP71 Patrick Reilly
239 Danny Putnam
44 Orlando Hudson
144 Carlos Lee

Pack 8:
145 Mike Piazza
241 Ryan Sweeney (no signature parallel)
58 Michael Cuddyer (rainbow)
BHP95 Juan Miranda
BHP1 Thomas Fairchild
209 Tyler Clippard
84 Reggie Sanders
20 Miguel Tejada

January 6, 2008

2007 Goudey blaster break

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I had to go all the way to western Wisconsin for this blaster. I had actually went to River Falls to get some postcards and stopped in at Shopko on the way home, where I found this. I also picked up a minor haul of scrapbooking paper, but I’m not scanning that either.

Pack 1:
72 Lance Berkman
35 Derrek Lee
180 Moises Alou
116 Edwin Encarnacion

33 Billy Wagner
5 Adrian Beltre
170 Johnny Estrada
194 Jason Isringhausen

Pack 2:
93 Todd Helton
65 Johnny Damon
156 Scott Podsednik
229 Daisuke Matsuzaka

54 Jason Varitek
40 Garret Anderson
122 Kenji Johjima
146 Huston Street

Pack 3:
18 Brian Giles
4 Adam Dunn
174 Jack Wilson
227 Ichiro

9 Andruw Jones
93 Todd Helton
118 Matt Holliday
142 Scott Kazmir

Scott Kazmir, 2007 Goudey set
I finally got the card that I had been commenting upon earlier. It’s even more interesting than I thought it would be, for certain values of interesting.

Pack 4:
83 Pedro Martinez
172 Rickie Weeks
196 Juan Pierre
267 Ichiro

22 Carlos Delgado
26 Chad Tracy
114 Frank Thomas
138 Gary Matthews

Pack 5:
77 Mark Teixeira
84 Prince Fielder
106 Jered Weaver
130 Matt Cain

99 Vladimir Guerrero
50 Jake Westbrook
153 Troy Glaus
177 Nick Johnson

Pack 6:
14 Bartolo Colon
23 Carlos Lee
165 Carl Crawford
219 Rod Carew

4 Adam Dunn
88 Robinson Cano
108 Ryan Freel
132 Ramon Hernandez

Pack 7:
49 Jake Peavy
63 Johan Santana
188 Aaron Harang
141 Alex Gordon

96 Travis Hafner
18 Brian Giles
172 Rickie Weeks
196 Juan Pierre

Pack 8:
56 Jeff Francoeur
140 Josh Barfield
164 Willy Taveras
279 Mike Schmidt

89 Roy Halladay
12 B.J. Upton
130 Matt Cain
106 Jered Weaver

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