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November 13, 2008

2009 (and 2008) Topps rant

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I see the sell sheets and checklists for ’09 Topps base are out and I’m only semi-pleased. I really like this design, so that’s a plus. I may end up buying a factory set of this.

The other qualified plus is that there’s a Craig Counsell card in the set. The problem with that is that Counsell finally gets a card in Topps base in a year there’s a pretty good chance he will not play in when as far as I know he didn’t get a card in 2007 or 2008. Nice memorial to a career, though.

I’m also belatedly lamenting the loss of Topps ’52 Rookies. I wasn’t that fond of this set concept until I realized that it was the only card issued for a lot of guys who just got a cup of coffee, or even guys who got a whole pot of coffee. Mark DiFelice will probably not get a major league card, and that’s a shame. (Here’s hoping that he makes the 2009 roster so that he may get a card. However, Seth McClung didn’t get a non-insert card in any set from any manufacturer this year–unless it’s true that he’s in Heritage High Numbers–so that’s no guarantee.) Of course, this also means no ’52 Rookies of Angel Salome, Mat Gamel, Brad Nelson, and Alcides Escobar. They’re denying us our full fill of 2008 Brewers!

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